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  1. Yo whats up guys I have 5 plants in 5 gallon pots and they all are suffering nutrient deficiencies.

    I have (8) 5 gallon buckets of tap water which are sitting out for the next 24 hours to let the chlorine evaporate.

    I only have ph up and down to measure the ph level. (Yes i know I should buy a meter but im fine with using this liquid test kit for now)

    I dont know what the ph is exactly in the plants but i have been reading that flushing can be effective against nutrient lockout. What should i ph the tap water to inside each bucket so i can bring these plants back to a healthy lifestyle.

    Is the flushing an immediate effect on the ph level after all gallons are used?
  2. Your water should be 6.5

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  3. How do you know your plants are locked out? Might just be in need of nitrogen
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  4. All of my plants have rusty spots on their bottom set of leaves, they show other signs of nutrient deficiencies.

    Will using 6.5 tap water fix the ph issue after i flush or does it take a few days to take in effect.
  5. That's my point. Nutrient defencies may just mean it's not getting enough of a specific nutrient. Doesn't always mean it's locked out. You didn't mention what or how often you've been feeding.
  6. My plants are showing many different nutrient deficiencies which are 100% certain it isnt just the nitrogen. If i flushed each plant with 20 gallons of 6.5 ph water would it fix the ph level effectively you think?
  7. You don't know your pH is jacked up do you?. If so how?. I'm just saying it's a possibility man. It could be showing lots of deficiencies. Still doesn't mean it's locked out. Flushing isn't always the fix.
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  8. Ik man but since this is my first grow and i didnt realise how important it was to check the ph level of the water before using because thats what i did for 3 weeks straight. Now i feel as if i flush it will help restart the plants off ph levels. What do you think because im a noobie
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  9. I'm just asking how you drew your conclusion is all. And yes because youre new. That's not an insult, just is what it is. We've all been there. There's always things to learn no matter how long some ones been growing . Flushing the soil with PhD water should essentially bring the pH back in range but it also removes most all the nutrients already in the soil. That's why I asked about how you're been feeding and how you came to the conclusion it needs flushed. If the plants just deficient and not locked out, flushing may be counter productive.
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  10. I only drew my conclusion due to the fact that a LOT of the leaves are starting to have rusty spots and the tips are drooping with yellow spots as well. I have only fed once throughout my whole grow because supposively my foxfarm ocean forest soil is "hot" with nutrients so i was told to wait a month which i did bc 2 days ago marked a month when i gave them their food i have the fox farm trio nutrients.
  11. Sounds probably hungry. I used to grow with fox farm soil and bottled nutrients. Its not a definite 1 month of food in the soil. Different plants have different needs.
  12. I tried waiting a while with an ocean forest mix and my plant wasn't getting enough food. If it's not burning it doesn't have too much food. Experiment a little but in small steps. I transplanted my clone into her 7 gallon with an ocean forest mix and fed her 1500 ppm's of fox farm trio and a few other things and she's loving it without any burns thus far. I'm with killset on this one fo sho.
  13. How do you know when its hungry?

    Would the plant really show nutrient deficiencies if its hungry as in rust spots?

    Should i bump up the feed instead of doing 1/4 of the amount on the fox farm nutrient schedule?

    Im only asking these questions because you guys know whats up and im just trying to learn before its too late bc my goal is 1 pound. Is that possible yall think with all these things going wrong with the plants. Im growing Skunk x Afghan (Green Crack)
  14. The plant shows virtually the same signs with a deficiency and an over abundance. killset is more experienced than i am he's helped me out on a couple threads actually. He's speaking just from experience probably. The plant is taking nutrients it's not getting from the soil from those lower leaves and moving it to the more important top growth pretty much and it will continue to until you give it what it needs or it dies. yeah i'de move it to 1/2 to 3/4 on the next maybe 2/3 then on the next try a full feeding, if it doesn't get crispy tips your plant is just eating more than you think. The nitrogen will make it green back up.
  15. Being hungry is deficient. Being locked out doesn't always mean deficient. The nutrients may be there in a lock out just not available if the pH is off. Deficient is deficient, its not there regardless if the pH being right or wrong. When the nutrients already in fox farms soil runs out the plant will start loosing color and showing the same signs as a lock out. Exactly like the pictures you showed. A plant that size has probably already used up what's preloaded in the soil and is looking for more. 1 small feeding might not have been enough. Lots of times a deficiency gets blamed on a lockout when it's not. If you haven't been feeding it I'm willing to bet it's hungry. A quarter dose in only 1 feeding probably isn't enough at this point
  16. Thanks guys for your feedback again. Should i do a flush anyways you think since i have been watering with water straight from the tap without letting it sit overnight for 24 hours and not ph'ing it? Or should i just try feeding it with the fox farm nutrients and bump up the dosing from 1/4 to 2/3 under the recommended dosage?
  17. I would just feed it more and see if it does the trick. Actually doing just that on one of mine that was getting a little yellow.
  18. Feed it. Flushing would be counter productive if it's hungry. PH your water/feed, don't over feed, cut off nutes the last couple weeks of flower and you'll never need to flush
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  19. so far every plant i've grown with fox farms needed more than 1/2 hell some needed more than full strength. from now on what i'm trying is first feeding at half then one at 3/4 then full unless they're burnt. 1/2 is too little to continue on imo with all 6 strains i've grown or am growing in soil. 1/2 gave me def's on every single one except the one in coco but she's retarded.

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