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  1. i think im about 2 weeks out from harvest and i hear ppl talking about flushing thier plants, can someone elaborate on this? do i just water with no nutes? or do i over water everyday? and how long do i do this for? 1 day? 2 weeks?
  2. Take it off of the nutrients completly and in most cases just feed with un-sulphered "black strap style" molasses (1-2tbsp/gal) in most cases.

    If you use organic the need for flushing is less than chemical nutes. The theory behind flushing is to improve flavor and reduce harshness - of course I know people that grow awesome bud and never flush using all organics, but some people swear up and down you need to
  3. 1. Next watering, flush plants with only water. Use 3x the size of the pot.

    2. Until harvest, only water with PH adjusted water. Unsulfured mollasses can be used to provide additional sugars. 2tsp/gal from what I've read, never done this myself.

    3. Harvest

    4. Dry/Cure

    5. Enjoy better tasting weed.

    You'll notice your plants will cannibalize themselves during this process. They are basically using all available nutrients in the leaves because you've removed everything from the soil in the flush. This is expected.

    Hope that helped.
  4. when i flush i usually start two or three weeks from harvest. i use 7 gallon pots so the first day of flush ill run 14 gallons of regular water threw it, then ill let it dry out. some times ill have to water before the next flush some times not. then at the begenning of week two of flush ill run another 14 gallons threw her, now if im only flushing for two weeks ill let it dry out and cut her at the end of week two.

    i usually flush for three weeks tho cuz i like my shit clean haha

    so pretty much however many gallons of soil you use, your going to flush with twice as much, so if you have 2 gallons pots youll flush with 4 gallons of water

    this is just how i do it, there are prolly a bunch of other ways

    hope it helps
  5. during flushing, because you are using twice as much water, what are you doing with all the run off water? Are you just letting it soak up into the soil, or are you dumping the catch tray? I am a first time grower. Please help me.
  6. When flushing my understanding is that you wanted to let the water run through the pot and than discard the flushed water. Hope this helps
  7. ...if your in soil/organic I wouldn't flush. I would simply water them until harvest, or "leach".
    ...if your growing hydro with a res, I would flush. I'm guessing your in soil, so....there is nothing you can really do to wash all the bat shit out of your soil....just my .o2.:smoke:
  8. How should I flush the nutes in a hydrokit? Just let water run through the res for a little while? It seems the double the gallons thing wouldn't matter if your using a hydrokit. Sorry if I'm thread jacking
  9. So, apparantly everyone does things differently. Thank you for all the helpful input. I think flushing a plant in soil, would not help much in drying and curing. Flushing is essencialy, over watering right? I wish there was more info specifically on this subject. What do you think?
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    If you let any bud cure long enough it will be smooth regardless of how you did it. I think the purpose of flushing is more about not smoking anything extra that may (or may not) be absorbed into the leaves and flowers.

    Of course you could always harvest right after a 12-24 hour dark period and it would essentially have the same effect. When a plant is subjected to a dark period it moves the extra food it has absorbed into its stem and what not back into the lower portion of the plant, after the light comes back on it will move back up.


    OP everyone does it different, just find something that works for you. As long as you are happy with the final results, fuck what other people say. :smoking:
  11. when you dont flush the bud crackles too and that shit aint cool!
  12. Flush with lots of carbs in your water ( like double dose or triple!), It works!
  13. Props to y'all for the interest feedback. Hugs and fist pounds.:)
  14. Very little downside to flushing, if you are close to harvest the plants themselves will stop taking nutrients from the water so why waste your nutrients.I use distilled water to avoid the apx. 100 ppm of chlorine, magnesium, flouride,ect. our town adds to their water.I also like to carb load during flush using commercial blends like G H Floranectar, double dose sounds good to me!
  15. anyone know how to emergency flush? Need to harvest a hermie and i would still like some smokable shit off it any suggestions?!?!?!?!?:smoke::eek::(:mad::devious::confused: thanks

  16. flush as normal?
  17. can't needs to be within a day or two.....:rolleyes:

  18. Same thought's, I used Miracle Grow and Epsom salts on a grow and a friend says "that will taste horrible,a chemical taste" I pointed out that tomatoes don't taste any different so why would weed? The weed was lovelly.I grow in soil
  19. I use clearex by botanicare to flush. It only needs 3 days to flush so if your in a pinch it'll help u out. Also I like to mist my plants with PHed water every morning about an hour b4 the lights come on, I start this about a week or so b4 harvest. I've done taste tests on clones from the same mother, one flushed one not. I had very noticable taste difference, favoring the flushed batch. It also burns more even in a joint when u flush. But I've never used organics so it could be different for that. But like someone else said, to each his
    own, the only opinion that matters is the person puttin all the work in growin it. GL bro

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