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  1. I've flushed my share of plants with ph'd water , tap water , well water , distilled water
    But I've never used a flush agent like
    Flora kleen by general hydroponics
    And others
    Advanced nutrients flawless finish
    And grow tech has blueberry strawberry flavors i guess .
    Im currently in a soil media
    My question is are these solutions worth the money and how do they make it better and or faster
    or is just plain old water the way to go .

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  2. I have NEVER researched any flushing products before as sometimes I flush....and other times I dont.....but IF I DID flush everytime I personally wouldn't waste the money on a product like that......simple plain water is JUST FINE......IMO.

    Interested to see what others will say
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  3. From one of the smartest growers I've ever talked with.
    Pimp T, on 12 May 2015 - 8:13 PM, said:

    hey coot how does the whole "flushing" soil thing work ?

    Here's the most recent answer that I gave to this question a couple of weeks ago....

    Chlorophyll b is the 'type' found in plants as we're defining it. Other structures are found in algae, cyanobacteria, et al.

    Here is the molecular formula - C55H70O6N4Mg so we're looking at 55 Carbon ions, 70 Hydrogen ions, 6 Oxygen ions, 4 Nitrogen ions and 1 Magnesium ion. All 6 forms of chlorophyll have one consistent dynamic, i.e. a single Magnesium ion. Not two, not three - one. So much for the mythology about magnesium-hungry plants or worse in the wacky weed world where specific 'strains' can be magnesium-hungry. Looking at just chlorophyll b a better myth would be carbon-hungry or hydrogen-hungry and maybe even oxygen-hungry and nothing to do with magnesium.

    My understanding of this worst example of stoner science is that by dumping copious amounts of water somehow water with it's simple H2O formula is able to reach up from the root zone then into a plant's vascular system and deconstruct a fairly complex molecule - that must be some really unique water indeed!

    In a dynamic called translocation plants can and do move materials from leaves to other tissues - that is established botany. Plants produce carbohydrates (sugars) in the leaves by photosynthesis but non-photysynthetic parts of the plant also require carbohydrates and other organic and nonorganic materials. It's for this reason that nutrients are translocated from sources (regions of excess carbohydrates, primarily matures leaves) to what are called sinks.

    ?Some important sinks are roots, flowers, fruits, stems and developing leaves. Leaves are particularly interesting in the translocation process because they are sinks when they are young and become sources later when they are about half-grown.

    Carbohydrates are simply Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules, i.e. simple sugars.

    So let's say for sake of silliness that flushing can trigger translocation which must be a real threat for rice plants, where are the chlorophyll molecules going? They can't be destroyed because they're elements which cannot be destroyed or changed unless of course we're talking about cannabis which has special properties that negate almost every law of botany, biology, chemistry, physics imaginable.

    My simple question is this: once this special water deconstructs the chlorophyll compound where do the ions go? Into thin air? That would be difficult since Magnesium is a metallic element but again we have to suspend even common sense to shore-up the flushing argument so who knows? Perhaps a special air canopy is created from flushing which can move magnesium around at will.

    Even if water could deconstruct and force translocation of elements doesn't that defeat the purpose in the first place which is claimed that flushing will remove the nasties causing us to not have dank! If the mature leaves are the repository the why would you want to move these ions to the buds which you plan on consuming?

    It's difficult to write this stuff without falling out of my chair with laughter. The argument fails on every level - even common sense.

    Fire away! I'm wearing stainless-steel Fruit of the Loom briefs - I can take it!

    Somebody explain with actual science just how "Flushing" works?
  4. All those 50 cent words and you didn't answer the question

    Do flushing agents work better than plain old water .

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  5. I think what BNW is showing us is that flushing is "bogus" regardless of what you use......right BNW?
  6. I apologize for my snood response to your response .
    That was just way over my head .
    Way more information than i could decode .
    I see now that pimp t has a theory that could debunk the flushing process.
    I have always flushed when using powder or liquid non organic nutrients so i couldn't tell a difference in to flush or not to flush
    I never flush when i uae organic teas

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  7. Personally I feel the whole "Flushing" issue is bullshit regardless of the grow style, the method used or anything else. Plants build stems, leaves and buds using light energy and create structure from elements. Just how does H2O breakdown or remove anything ?? It never did make any sense to me. A prime example of Stoner Science. IMO.
    When I did a bad dry or before I got my cure down I had some nasty tasting herb. Once I got my slow dry figured out and a 30-60 day cure all the "Issues" disappeared. I'll put my un-flushed up against anything.
    It's an old, Old argument and I don't expect to change many minds one way or the other. Organic soil and outside in-ground growers don't, can't flush so all that herb is full of the nasty's ?? Please... LMAO. Tell it to the thousands of pounds grown in Northern California.
  8. This is how I kinda break it down to myself: I feel this "argument" can go along with the "light schedule" argument.....some people SWEAR that Cannabis plants need a "dark period" for them to thrive, "just like people:....and those people will give their plants a dark period.....but from my research.....they actually don't....and can handle 24/7 lighting with no problem......
    Some people believe their plants need to be "flushed" before harvesting for them to taste/smoke better.....and those people will flush.......I suggest you do what feels best to you!:hookah:

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