Flush:7 or 14 day?

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  1. I've always used 7 day flush but are there any benefits to 14 day flush? Will the 14 day get as big as the 7 day since less nutes are gonna be used? I know some commercial growers even use 3 day...Anyone feel free to comment!! thanks
  2. sorry to be such a newb but could you please explain flushing to me?
  3. o shit dude..that was a fast response.haha. well its what you do at the end of a cycle for the last 7-14 days and im just trying to figure out which is better. It is mainly to improve the taste and smell of the buds.

  4. right before you harvest your tomatoes you water your plant and give it some flush solution, this takes out the salts and other nasties in the plant improving overall taste, and smell of your tomatoes.

    i think 7 is prime im not sure about 14, seems like a long flush. im not sure though :confused:
  5. reminds me of my fat ass pug dogs gobbling up all the tomatoes in the backyard.

    can you link me to some flush solution? so i can see wtf it is haha
  6. Dude; im thinking that they are talking about adding a solution to the water for their last couple of waterings before harvest, (good watering ea 3 days, for 3 or 4 times before the ax drops on them? Last thing done to the tomatoes in the last couple weeks of their lives, to eliminate all the chemicals the plant has stored up. Good luck to all,,
  7. pretty much flushing is using plain ph'd water or using clerex or a final phase which takes out all of the salts and the plant begins to eat itself, making the fan leaves yellow. use the search button and chek it out. the web has all the info you need to grow yer own
  8. i thought a longer flush was for soil grows while hydro setups don't want to go much over a week.
  9. I grow soil and generally flush with pH'd H2O with a little molasses for the last 14 days.

    Hopefully If I have dosed the nutes correctly I should have almost all of the water leaves yellowed by the time I pull down on day 70.
  10. Advanced Nutrients Final Phase is what I use to flush... It's designed for pot so it takes out more than any other brand for flushing.... It makes it taste VERY different(in a positive way), I suggest everyone try smoking a plant that's been flushed and one that hasn't, it's suprising how different the smoke is.

    Plus like Chem stated, a longer flush is typically for soil. That's one of the hydro advantages.
  11. cantharis the heretic once again. Why is this procedure of not giving nutes called FLUSHING?
    No way is fresh water going to flush any nutrients that have been given out of the plant and down via the roots - it doesn´t happen like that.
    One year, I think it was 2004, I gave some of my plants nutes right until the day of chopping. The others I just gave water for the last week. Smoking them, I could detect no difference whatever.
    I think this FLUSHING is just a myth - one of those things that is propagated on line, but is not at all necessary.
    A bit like the myth that seeds should be germinated in paper - a totally unnecessary complication.
  12. thats a very good point cantharis but no myth mate, heres reason why you should flush/rinse:)

    Flushing is especially important if you have been using chemical fertilizers.
    This is the time when the bulk of the final, "usable" part of the plant is produced. As you may well already know, there are over four hundred separate chemicals associated with cannabis and her effects. It is during the final bud-building stage that most of these chemicals are produced. Thus, it is very important to give the plant as much pure water as possible during this crucial period. I like to remember it as the "rinse" and "flush" cycle. Simply remember to give the plants only water for the last two to three weeks in order to rinse and flush them clean. This is to purge unwanted impurities from the plant.
    Pot that has been fertilized right up to harvest is harsh to smoke, sometimes the joint will even sizzle and pop as unmetabolized fertilizer salts combust. Unflushed pot leaves black ash, is hard to keep lit and burns your throat. Pot which has been organically grown and properly flushed is more flavorful and fragrant, burns easily, leaves grey ash, is easier on the throat and is much more pleasurable to smoke.

    hope helps guys, peace................:smoking:

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