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  1. Can i use fluros to flower my plant.I really cant afford an expensive light right now.And i want to flower.So can i use these?PLZ LET ME KNOW THX IN ADVANCE
  2. Yes but you won't get the dense buds that you get with HID lighting.

    Check the link in my signature for Inside Sun for affordable HID lights.
  3. Do u have to have a credit card to but from there?Cause i dont have one.And also how many should i use for 4 -6 plants?THX IN ADVANCE
  4. Get a paypal account, hook it up to your checking account (plz tell me you at least have a checking account). Alot of places accept paypal, I don't know about inside sun, but the guy sells his shit on ebay as well and he takes paypal.
  5. As BPP said,,,,yes you can flower,and get smokable buds from flouro grow,,you just won't get superbuds,,as seen from HID grows,unless you have alot of them,,,and you may be able to get flouro fixtures from friends,garage sales ,etc..so it won't budst the 'ol wallet to bad...

    have fun

  6. Yes Inside Sun takes payments through paypal, money orders or cash.
  7. No i dont have a checking acount either.Hell i dont even have a job.But the money orders i can do.But i think il just use some fluros for now till i can afford sometehing better.I will probaly use 7 or 8 cause there not powerful or whatever,but as long as i get some kind of yield i will be happy.I mainly want these to determine the sex but il continue to flower after i determine the sex.THX ALL FOR THE HELP.
  8. My standard closet grow for fifteen years or so was three levels of flourescents. Each level had four 4 foot shop lights side by side. The plants on each level were 6" apart and were clipped once to create two branches per plant. This places a row of bud sites under each flouro. Each level has a total of 32 bud sites x three levels = 96 buds. Under flouros my dried weight average is 1/8 oz/bud for 12 oz. total dry yeild of tops (lower buds add to the total). Certainly HPS costs about
    1 )A few more notes: String mesh holds the buds in place.
    2) hydro was (and still is but now under two levels with HPS) 2" pvc pipe drilled to accept 35 mm. film containers with their bottoms cut out. Rockwool starter cubes with a piece of rockwool sticking out the bottom to act as a wick until the roots are large. Irrigation is NFT ebb and flow 15 mins. on, 15 mins. off.
    3) each level included a bank of lights under the hydro pipes of the next level attached together and hung by cord and pulleys so that each level could be height adjusted to keep the tops just under the lights.
    4)there is still significant heat rejection issues. In the set up mentioned above, that's 960 watts of heat. Ceiling and floor intake and exhaust worked ok for me.
    5) I've had those cheap flouros. xformers burn up on me. Often. I rigged a smoke alarm to trip a relay shutting off power.
    I'm gonna go smoke a high.
  9. I tried to add this in the middle of my post:
    Certainly HPS costs about the same as all those flouros and with better results. But for those that have limitations that indicate the need to use flouros, it works ok.

    BTW since I'm writing again, I did a variation on this technique with only one level, only two lights wide (with two more on the sides) under a six foot long desk. I stacked file storage boxes in front. Four years I grew under that desk and no one ever knew.
  10. Another tip....concerning flouro grows..

    SOG and flouros go together well...this can eliminate,canopy penetration,and intensity issues...using available light more effectively..

  11. What the heck is sog?And the fluros i use are those one with twirl right or do i have to use those long ones?
  12. Yes... Sea Of Green..

    Taking many clones of the same age after rooting,since in smaller pots,,they may be placed side by side to fill an area completely,,becoming a virtual sea of green...

    And yes...the 4' tubes would work much better...


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