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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BurnedMemosOf42, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. Im new to the whole indoor growing thing and I have a couple of questions. Ok.. well I just planted my seed about a week ago and it sprouted about 3 days ago. Right away I put it under a 1,625 watt fluro. It's grown about 4 or 5 inches so far in the last 3 days. It looks good and everything is green and healthy. I just dont have alot of money to spend at the moment, so I was wondering.. could I use that same 1,625 watt fluro for the whole plants growth? Will It even be enough watts later to support vegitation and flowring? Or will it even make it from seed to bud? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I'm a little warry of this floro u speak of ... it is a true floro then yeah it should in all theory be fine if thats all y wanna spend on lights... thats enough to grow a plant... just not to tall cause i dont think if u have just the one light that it would support lower groath that much... hey a neet prodject would be to put the light being a floro and not that hot... er at least i wouldnt think it would be that hot at the base of the plant.. i wonder what the plant would do with a light source below its leaves??????
  3. Well.. I have another 1,625 watt fluro also. So maby I could put that underneath it once it starts to get bigger. Any more information would be greatly appreciated. And thanks for the tips Hobbes. :)
  4. haha these are of those new flood light floro variety arent they with a light that looks like a grill?
  5. u sure u got that wattage right? I'm vegging five plants under 55W fluoros. I admit, another 55W would be useful.

    But 1,500W...
  6. Sorry I was stoned when I said that.. I meant 65 watts, I dunno where the fuck i got 1,625 from! I must have been out of it.. i dun really remember even posting anythything.
  7. well that changes everything
  8. the 1,625 figure, more than likely, refers to the amount of approx. lumens or candlepower that bulb will produce. As in luminescence or illumination. That's enough for about 1/2 of one plant. You'll need another one of those.

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