Fluros 1,5m Osram ?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by nhandu, May 12, 2004.

  1. Hi there I 'm new to this forum , as you see.I'v red some stuff about the light which is my biggest problem.I'v saw that all of you are fans of HPS.But I 'v got big space for my plants - 1,5m(5')x2m(6.5').I don't want to make more than 250w.I decided to buy 3 pieces of Osram Biolux fluros - 1,5m(5') long , 56w , 3700 l, .I'v got one Philips 1.2m long , 32w , don't know the lumens (maybe around 1000).In total - 204w , around 11k lumens .I'll put them in 60-70sm(2') distance from each other. What do you think will be the light enough ?Or you think that's better HPS? I'll think the light will be more consistent .
  2. not enough light.

    you have 32.5sq foot of space. to light that you will need 1500+ watts of hps or 2000watts of fluros.

    you have enough fluros to poorly light 4sq foot.

    a 250 hps will light 5 sq foot.
  3. Why do I need so many light?For the veg?
  4. For what is the light so important?For vegetation or for flowering?
  5. For both, actually. The more light that a plant gets, the better. That's why a large number of growers get a HID (high intensity discharge) light. Fluorescents will work, quite well in fact. The only downside is that you need more lights than you would a sole HID lamp.


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