FluroKings "Perpetual Machine" Debunking FoxFarm Myth's Proof it can be done..

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    Welcome Friends and fellow Blades alike..

    This is my 2nd journal here on G.c. and still technically my 1st grow I guess.. I've started from the very bottom on my current grow with almost no knowledge of the plant.. Besides smoking it that is, lol... Slowly but surely I have turned this into a sweet, perpetual bagseed grow..

    All thanks to this wonderful place, GrassCity.. During my journey I have met alot of great people, who are all Awsome growers, and super Knowledgable in regards to the plant, as well as anything and everything you can imagine all around growing/ medicating..

    All of these fellow blades got me through to this point, holding my hand the whole way.. I owe everybit of my success to these blades.. If you have any ?'s or are just out for a good learning adventure, check out any of these blades Journal's.. They are all jam packed full of info, and have played a massive role in were I am today.. Without them, I simply would have failed, instead of having what I have today, which is a very happy, productive setup..

    So at this time I would like to give a special Thank you, and shout out to all of my mentors and guides that have helped me dearly along the way..

    In no particular order they are as follows-
    ME BUBBLEDUSTY-http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-grow-journals/599404-bubbledusty-104.html
    SmurphyBhhttp://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-grow-journals/897325-%5B400w-1kw%5Dmulti-pineapple-chunk-kandy-kush-lemon-skunk.html (Woman) Show extra respect, lol

    These guys are just a few of the God's that have helped me along the way.. Each and every one of them are super awsome dudes, and full of knowledge.. I'm sure if you have a serious ? you can't find an answer for, one of them are bound to have it if I myself cant figure it out..

    Sorry if I forgot anybody, theres so many, after all, I'm a stoner, lol..
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    FoXfArM StYlE

    Ok broskies and sisterets, here is a brief rundown of my shindigg.. When i 1st started out a few months ago, after all my research I found that Imo, Foxfarm had one of the better repps, and reviews on all of there products.. This is why I choose them.. Now that i have been using them, I have found that there are ALOT of HATERS on FF products.. But, thats ok.. In my eyes, things that work will always have haters just like anything else.. Now I bye no means work for, or sell FF products... I just hate to see somthing get a bad name when it's not deserved.. So now, instead of mixing up my methods and moving onto something different, I wanted to do a full grow journal, from bagseed, using nothing but FF products, just to prove that YES YOU CAN GROW DANKITY DANK with FF products, without being an expert grower!!

    So, with that being said, I'm documneting this perpetual grow for all who are interested in FF products.. And if you too are a Newb, Then before you get all crazy with all these wild wives tales that FF=Garbbage, and whatever myths have you, take a look through my last Journal=http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-grow-journals/900686-1st-grow-using-t12-cfl-bagseed-w-50%25-ffof-hf.html and see for yourself that YES< IT WORKS FINE!! And continue following here, I will do my best to show what their products true potential has, thus this is the complete purpose of this journal, lol..:smoke:

    So now this ?.. Why do I grow?? I'll be happy to share it with you.. I grow for a number of reasons.. Reason #1, I was tired of being out, then when I could get it, I was tired of having to deal with the usual type of crowd and the other things that usually come with having to "Make a call".. Enough said there, I think we've all been there at some point or another..
    I also have major PTSD, as well as severe Anxiety and Major Chronic Back pain.. All accompanied by Intense Migraine headaches.. So, by using the herb I eliminate countless prescription drugs and other narcotics that it would take to controll all of these things so I find much more relief, and satisfaction from good ol mother earth v/s us humans..

    Here are a few pic's from whats hanging in my Tent right now from my harvest yesterday, using nothing but FF products.. Well, almost.. Lol.. I used Organic Natures Cal-Mag+, and PlantSuccess.. :smoke:

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    So what are we working with here??

    Here is a brief rundown,
    Vegg Bank- 3x5 Closet, 3-T12 shop light fixtures with 2 40watt 6500k lights in each.. 240 watts of vegg light total.. Large 22in Oscillating fan.. Custom made catch tray, Chain for light suspensions..

    Flowering/Drying tent..- 1 1000watt Oldschool M.H. Hydrofarm Light Bulb, Ballast, and cord set.. All 3 are 12 years + and still going strong:p 252Cfm 4in inline fan, 22in Boxfan, SecretJardin 4x4 Tent..

    Followed bye the FF trio, GrowBig, BigBloom, TigerBloom.. All soil from here on out for this grow is all FFHappyFrog, added about 20% Perilite mixed in.. Layer of rock/perilit on bottom 2in of all pots..
    Also Heavyweight Molasses, and Organic Natures Cal-Mag+..

    Feeding schedule they have been on is
    2tsp FF Grow big 2tsp Cal-Mag, and 2tsp Molasses per 5gal water, every other watering..

    The 3 oldest Plants right now are 81 days old, and are in 5 gal-pots.. I also have 5 other plants in 3gal pots atm.. Age is around 40 days old on them I think:confused: to lazy to back and look in my other journal, lol.. Sorry..:smoke:

    My object right now is to wait out this last harvest to finish up drying in my tent, then I'll insert my scrog setup I have built Today.. Then try and jam these babys in there and get this thing filled asap, then flip the switch to 12/12.. These are clones from my previous harvest as well.. 2 of them are suspected N.L. strains, and 1 def Skunk strain, there is no denying that one, lol.. Smells like a str8 up skunks ass while Vegging, and even worse when flowering..

    So fornow, thats about all I can think of at the moment, LETS kick this thing off shall we!?!?! More def to come!!:smoke:

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  4. pffft, foxfarm. I SMELL SCHWAG COMIN! :rolleyes::rolleyes:;)
  5. Yo.

    Lookin good man. Youre gonna have some monsters this go around.
    Crazy they all finished at the same time..
  6. Shhhh!!! Keep it down aye!!! lmao!
    They didn't really.. Well 3 did, one was pretty clear.milky still.. I didnt have a clone of that one either so I dint really care.. I just needed to get them out and so I can get this baddog going and get them bigguns in there.. ;)

    man, now that I see these pic's, The scrog def looks to be a bit redneckish.. yup, it does.. Lol.. O well, it should work great..:)
  7. kick ass. looks good
  8. Whats up bro!! welcome aboard!! Stoked to have you along!!
    Damn bro, I just realized I forgot you too up top, I added you now, sorry bro..:eek:
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    New journal for me to lurk in. Will chime in when I think my .02 is applicable.

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  12. I wouldn't miss it. You sure you can grow, "Dank, Dank" without super secret growing techniques passed down from generation to generation in a town recognized only by High Times, since you know, you don't live there?

    Just teasin that dude. I'm positive you'll rock it out bro. The SCROG is going to be fun.
  13. It's the water;)
  14. Subbed in Broski!

    you show everyone what can be done with FF!
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