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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Toke4life420, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. can i do an entire grow on the small compact fluros? If so what is the best wattage and how many should i get? Right now i have 1 fluro for 2 plants but they are just seedlings. cause i dont have the room or money right now to go and get an HPS light :(
  2. You can do a full grow on flouros from what i understand, however its not recommended. I couldn't tell you how many you should have, but 3-4 wouldnt hurt. just make sure you invest in some mylar to make up a lil bit for the lack of light. and save up for an HPS light, which im sure you're doing.
  3. Yes you can. how many lumens are they? ive got some that are 900 so i got 4 of them. what you should do is place all 4 at diffrent hights so the whole plant gets light. Good luck

  4. as many as you can and as big as you can.
    i know that sounds like a cop out answer but it is true.
    i find the tube type fluros work better tho and shop lights are cheap enough.
    get a hps if you can, much easer and better to work with.
  5. i just got 2 hps lights but dont have a fixture for them:(

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