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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DeadChimp, Sep 19, 2003.

  1. Tonight I bought a GE: Sunshine (F15T8/SUN) fluorescent tube, and my friend and I got into a dispute about it being a grow light. So, I thought I'd come ask the experts, can the GE: Sunshine tubes be used for growing?

    I read on Overgrow that full spectrum lights (which this is) are good for vegetating. I'm pretty sure it can be used, but I want to make sure so I can return it if I have to. I can post the stats if needed.
  2. From what I understand a floro of any kind will work. Most important with floro's though is how many watts you have and how close your plant is.

    Im using Slyvania(sp) grow bulbs and some cool whites, total of 200w and have no problems so far for my 4 clones.

    but if you only have one little 40w bulb, it won't likely cut it for very long.
  3. you need 125 watt minimum of fluoro's to get a respectable return on your grow.
  4. Thanks for your help guys. I'm definitely going to need to buy some more ballasts and some more tubes if the wattage needs to be that high. One tube is a mere 15 watts. :) Hopefully what I have should work for the first week or so until I get some bills paid off.
  5. get normal tubes not the grow tubes. by changing the colour to get a better spectrum 4 growing all they r doing is lowering some of the light wavelengths they think u dont need. mj will use a lot of that light. a normal tube has all the colours of a grow tube and more! they cost less to buy and the same to run.
  6. I think the grow light gives off a little more of some colors though. Mine are really red looking. They do work, but unno if better or not???
  7. not betta. worse.

    anyway y do u want extra red light when u got a hps in the same box and ur vegging not flowering?
  8. I would not say "worse", gotta be at least the "same"

    I mean it is designed for growing and does give off some of the light range of a HPS. Plust the grow bulbs are a higher watt from what I have seen while shopping. And higher watt is good.

    My plants are thriving on them, but I have a mix of them and cool's.

    But all this said, they do cost more, so if the others work just as good, stick with the cheaper ones. Ive just got a few to mix it up some, only a couple bucks extra, worth a try i figured.
  9. look m8, iv used them in the past, the reds the blues the purple 1s, fish lights, bird lights the lot and im tellin u normal tubes work better 4 growing dope than any of the others.

    i cud post u loads of links to sights that have light spec charts and shit but i doubt it wud do any good. u seem to have got it in ur head that u aint wasted ur money when u have.

    if u aint gonna lissen then fair play, u grow wot u want with wot u want. if u stoped and thought about wot i was saying tho ud sus i was right.

  10. Please post them. I want to learn as much as I can.

  11. nope, cool white for veg. warm white + cool white for flower. no exceptions on grow tubes. unless it says "for marijuana cultivation" somewhere on the box. even then i would be doubtful.
  12. i would have to agree with b.w. and h.j. - these two know their shit, bro...
  13. All im saying is my plants are doing okay with them.

    Maybe after December ill pick up some warm and cools and do a little experiment and try to compare.

    Isn't the number of lumes and watts important though also? From what I seen my grow tubes are a much higher watt (i think).
  14. dead chimp,

    i was looking at some info on overgrow and thought i would show you a good link...hope it helps

    Fluorescent bulbs have the most range of spectrums than any other bulb. The spectrum comes in various spectrums, determined by the type of phosphor with which the bulb is coated. The following fluorescent types are as listed, along with what they may accomplish for you.

    Full spectrum fluorescent bulbs have all the colors of the Kelvin scale. This bulb is good for vegetation stage. Note: This spectrum fluorescent is used in hospitals nationwide in helping people with "depression".

    Wide spectrum fluorescent bulbs will restrict development of side branching, helps plants mature faster. This fluorescent is high in the red, orange and yellow color range. In fact, this fluorescent is the highest than all other fluorescent bulbs. As a matter of fact, this fluorescent is much like an HPS color range, which makes it the best all around choice for flowering stage.

    Daylight spectrum fluorescent bulbs are very high (if not the highest) in the blue range on the Kelvin scale. This fluorescent promotes an arctic blue look. I suggest this fluorescent during vegetation stage.

    Cool spectrum fluorescent bulbs will promote multiple side growth, nice green foliage. This fluorescent is high in the blue range, giving off a bright white appearance. I suggest this fluorescent for vegetation stage.

    Warm spectrum fluorescent, will promote extra thick stems and branches, and will give you about 5% denser buds than other spectrums. This fluorescent is high in the red range on the Kelvin scale.

    In the old school of fluorescent growing, an even mix of warm white and cool white tubes has been proven to be the best combination of light spectrums to use for flowering stage. If wide spectrum bulbs are unavailable in your area, then this is the combo to use.


  15. yes the lumes r important.

    if u have ur grow tubes in the same fittings as the normal tubes then they will all b running on the same balasts and ergo the same watts.

    i think the reason they look brighter is becuse of the contrast in colour between them and the hps. they stick out like a sore thumb. the white light of the normal tubes is tinted by the other lights.

    if u want to experiment then try this.

    put the white in 1 fitting and the grow in the other.

    turn off the grow tubes. turn them back on and the whites off. wot makes the room look brighter?

    put a plant inbetween the 2 white on 1 side and the 2 grow on the other. now bearing in mind that mj will streach to find red light wot light does the plant lean towards? if left for longer wot side of the plant looks more lush.

    ive done these tests so i know the answer.

    turn page upside down 4 the answer if u cant wait.
  16. How many watts are needed, minimum, for one plant?
  17. for what vegn or flowering? i would use atleast 140-160 watts of floros. cool whites to be exact, if you dont like or believe they perform well, check my 20 day pics thread. they spent from seed to the end of the veg stage under 160 watts of floros.

    i have seen good results with people who use floros to flower with, but the density of the bud is probably 1/4 to 1/2 less in density, depending on the flowering/floro setup.. of course hps 250 and above solves this problem.

    one plant would need at least more than 250 watts of possibly wide, full and warm spectrum bulbs. too many types and maybe a lot of bulbs to deal with. imo

    but then again if im wrong, someone will correct me. this is what i would use if i had to.

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