Fluoro/CFL Soil Bucket Grow - Starting In Flowering

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  1. Hi everyone! It is early Saturday morning and I am eating a nice breakfast to rid me of my hang over.

    As of right now, I have two plants growing. Both are the same age of 15 days. They both have only been introduced to a 12/12 cycle and flowering spectrum sense germination.

    Soil: Pesches - Ready to Use Potting & Planting Mix (Organic Soil)

    1 - 20 Watt fluoro Tube

    4 - 23 Watt CFL's
    112 Watts

    My setup is a new design, which I would like everyone on Grass City to test, question, innovate, destroy, what ever.

    Note: This setup is designed for one large plant. I just don't have a female to clone yet.

    2 Flat White 2' 5gallon buckets.
    2 Fans

    - For the first bucket, I cut a whole in the side so my standing fan would fit right into it. So, the incoming air is from the bottom bucket.
    - I flipped over the second bucket, and cut the entire bottom off the bucket so my second fan can sit comfortably on top of the chamber sucking that hot, used air out.
    - Secure the top bucket to the bottom bucket (I used duck tape).
    - Secure mylar around the inside of the bottom and top buckets for maximum reflection.





  2. Well, it's Sunday folks.

    We through a huge party at my place for Nicole getting back from California (2 handles of whiskey for 5 people) so I'm moving kind of slow today. Hope everyone had a great weekend because it's off to work tomorrow.

    Some plant news: Both plants are looking very good. Sean and myself went to home depot and picked up two more 23 watt CFL's. So, we now have 112 watts.

    I'll be getting Nicole's camera tomorrow, prepare your selves for pictures.
  3. Sorry for the lack of updating. I felt no need to update with out a camera. Both plants were male.

    Currently germinating about 10 bag seeds. I will be updating pictures on a daily. Still going 12/12 from the start.
  4. Well, my plan for germination was for at least 1 seed to have popped by Saturday morning. But, luck would have it none of them did.

    The reason I wanted them done by Saturday was because I was going to be out till Monday morning.

    So.. now it's Monday morning. 5 or so of the seeds finally popped. I actually just put 2 seeds in 1 8" pot. I'll kill one immediately if they both start growing.

    I'll have pictures when the first leaf set appears.
  5. Youll need to give the plants at least 18 hours of constant light each day or they will turn out male 100% of the time.
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  10. are the 23w ones doing the trick? i asked greengenes and he said 42w warm white actual watt cfl's are needed for flowering. Are you going to get some for flowering? I bought 2 23w ones too, but i guess ill have to go out and get better ones and use those for my clone/ mother shelf, after all i want bud like his he gets

    btw nice chamber, what is that made out of?

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