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  1. I'm looking to find out what the best lumens/color temp fluorescents I should have for an indoor grow room for the veg and flowering stages?

    I understand that some fluorescents have blues and some have reds and whatnot and some can mess your grow up if using the wrong lighting at the wrong stage.

    I've been using 3150 lumens and 4100k color temp and my sprouts keep dying. Im wondering if this is a bad lighting for the veg stage?
  2. How close are your lights? They need to be CLOSE! About 2 inches from your plants!.

    Are your plants tall, pale and thin? They are light hungry! Lower your lights until they are all but touching your plants. Actually touching the tube will burn the leaves.

    Or maybe your sprouts get a pinched-looking stem and just keel over? That is "damping off". To prevent this, nuke your damp soil a few hours before putting a sprouted seed in it! This kills the fungus spores that cause the disease. Having a small fan stirring the air also helps!

    My first grow was with "el cheapo" shop lights and GE Kitchen and Bath tubes for flowering. Ended up with just under 4 ounces off 2 plants.
  3. The problem is they look amazing after 2 days of sprout then they just fall over and die. I think it's the type of lighting. I'm wanting to just use normal old tube fluorescents but not sure which ones are the best.
  4. I'm just learning to grow aswell and I've read that 6500k is good for vegging and 2700k is good for flowering. Now all you have to do is look for the watts used to power the light not the watt equivalency to incandescents.

    Gd luck
  5. Thanks choco. I actually just picked up some 6500k's tonight :)
  6. Np keep me updated with your grow, what you gunna be growin?
  7. noob here in 8th wk flower using cfls. i used 6500k for veg and 2700 for flower with a few 5k in the mix. 4 plants, im using 29 (thats right) 26w coil bulbs plugged into a timer in ONE room wall socket and its been no problem, elect bill went up less than $40
  8. I would love to see them lol
  9. ^ lol yeah what? What would that room even look like?

    Ever thought about an HPS?
  10. i have the entire room but with a sog, its in a 4 x 4 area with lights mostly above with 4 on the sides. i may switch lights when i have the heat under control
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    Having an HPS in that area would probably run cooler than 29 (That's a LOT) little fluorescent bulbs, each with their own ballast. Just sayin.

    You might be able to tackle your heat issue by switching your light setup. Get better buds too :cool:

    Edit: Sorry about the Hijack! I am high and thought "I can help!"

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