Fluorescent tubes mounted vertically in growbox?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by bluetrain, May 2, 2006.

  1. Hi. I just found two 2x20W fluorescent lamps (80W total). They're too long to be mounted in the top of my box (microgrow..no other choice for me atm), but would it be ok to mount them vertically along the walls? I will also install some CFL's (70W totalt) in the top of the box, so the plant will recieve light from every angle.

    The box (a speaker) has two sides longer then the two others...dunno what its called in english. Could I mount two lights on each shorter wall, or would the plant strech towards them too much? One on each wall would make the space too tight, as I assume I have to make a plexiglasswall over the tubes so the plant wont get burned, right?

  2. No problem to mount those vertically. Better to get all four sides rather than two. Consider mounting them in the corners rather than in the middle of the walls. That setup will be a nice supplement to overhead cfl's.

    No need for a plexiglass shield, fluoros don't get that hot. Don't let any part of the plants get closer than about 2" and definitely not touch the bulb directly, then otherwise all should be good.
  3. the corners...why didnt i think of that :p. thanks!

    the space is so small that i think some kind of plexiglassprotection is required if i dont want to move the plant around every day as it grows. does anyone know what distance i should place the plexi from the 20W tubes? and are reflectors behind the tubes needed, or is it enough that the walls are painted white?

    one oftopic question aswell; im currently using white plastic cups (type disposable, normal size). when should i move the plants over to larger pots? i cant see the roots develop as the plastic aint seetrough, so its hard to judge.
  4. corners should work. I bought a new toy recently that may interest you. It's pricey but I really like it! It let's you get light to the underside of the canopy and goes right in the center of all my plants.

    MY NEW TOY :smoke:
  5. that bastard is expensive!!!!!

  6. so are the bulbs, but I love it and so do the plants.

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