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  1. what is 6500k and 2700k? i heard its for vegging and the other for flowering or something, how do you know which one the bulb is.. should it say it on the packaging, and what does it even mean
  2. 6500k for vegging.
    2700k for flowering.
    yeah should say how many lumens on box/casing.
  3. i thought the k stood for kelvin, which is a type of temperature. doesnt say on package, wil on website if u look up the light, hope this help

  4. its talking about spectrums.. more details please (wattage, lumen output and brand)

    and yes dank, k is for kelvin

  5. Those numbers refer to what is known as the color temperature, which essentially is the same concept as the spectrum. So blue isn't called "cool" and red "warm" just because we perceive those colors to be associated with those temps, they literally are cool and warm colors.

    Red is at the low end of the visible light spectrum and thus the lower the color temp rating, in this case the 2700k, the more red light. Blue is at the high end of the visible light spectrum, thus the 6500k is the more blue light.
  6. Thanks Up4.

    One way to remember which end is which is to think of this: infrared means literally "beneath or below red", it is light that is just below the low end of the visible spectrum (visible to us that is). Ultraviolet means "beyond violet" and violet = purple = bluish light, so it is the light that is just above the high end of the visible spectrum.

    Or, that's actually a little complicated, so try this: "red" goes with "low" because they both have 3 letters, and "blue" goes with "high" because they both have 4 letters.

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