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  1. I'm setting up my first ever grow system. I'm going to use the bubble bucket method for only one plant in a closet. I'm not too concerned about attaining the highest quality possible yet, due to my lack of ample funds. My questions are: How much do i really need to spend on lighting? could a setup of multiple CFL's do the trick to get my operation started?

  2. Yep, get atleast 20 watt cfl's. You should be good with 4 of those to start but you will need a few more later on.
  3. Yeah, for one plant you could get like 3 24 watt cfls, daylight for veg like 5500k, and then in a month or so you would need to get a couple soft white cfl's 2700k for flowering.
    For like 25 bucks you could get all that from Homedepot. Check the last pic in my journal you'll see what I'm talkin about.
  4. yeah bro what i did was get a nice surge protector for about 40 bucks, bought the sockets with the 2 prong plugs in the back and have 4x 42watt 2700k CFLs in my rubermaid grow
  5. everyone always gives thumbs ups for CFLs, but what about even cheaper 4' tubes over a SCROG table? after thai disappeared in the mid 80s, the best smoke i got was leaflet trim from about 40 daily pruned plants from bagseed grown under a pair of shoplights!

    so far, everyone i've discussed this with says emphatically no to shoplights, but they're super cheap and at 6-8" away from a plant, look ALOT brighter than HPs/MH bulbs at 2-4 foot distance. light penetration shouldn't be an issue if one is scrogging as light penetration depth is zero and a shoplight covers nearly 4 square feet and only need to be an inch away from a plant. i've even seen plants actually hit bulbs for less than 24 hours and not burn.

    a really nice thing too is that flouro tubes come in a wide variety of colors from orangish warm lights, pink "beauty lights" to blue actinic bulbs and even THC encouraging UV. i was using two 2" aquarium actinics for side lighting in my grow too and got high quality couchloch free THC even though half of the bagseed was clearly hybrid and a few were srtaight up indies & skunks.

    if you can grow plants with tiny 20W CFLs, then why can't you scrog with several rows of 40W tubes packed together?

    PS, i just scored a big 4 shelf rack that i'm considering growing with (possibly with CFLs) because i could grow roughly double the square footage that i can in my 4.5' X 4.5' walk-in that gives up a couple feet for an inward swinging door. the shelves are about 2.5" X 3'

  6. I used 2 40 watt shoplights to start my grow with, they worked well for the first 2 weeks or so.
  7. that's just it though. i want to use them for an ENTIRE GROW. i had plenty of healthy growth under shoplights for something like 4 months when i was just getting by on daily leaflet trim. by then, the plants were nearly a foot tall until they eventually got rootbound and stressed and died quickly. until that happened though, i was getting a better buzz than i was from "pro indoor" and i was just using bagseed at that. i STILL think that it was because i was growing closer to the UV and further from infrared in part as at least 1/4 of my bagseed was the same indicrap the pros were growing and i was just mixing everything together and frying it up in a sauce pan before smoking it. it also tasted better, probably because i was using organics and they were using hydro.

    i figure if i could great THC with shoplights for 4 months with 8"- 12" of penetration needed, then i could go the distance using them for scrogging where they can be kept just a couple inches from the plants which would require zero penetration as they'd be tied down.

    i'm just not keen on HPS & MH lighting because 1. it's expensive, 2. it gets really hot & 3. i need to be able to break my grow down quickly for yearly inspections.

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