Fluorescent Light for growing?

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  1. hi, i plan to grow castor bean plants to sell.. and was wondering if i could grow with a 13w 2700k fluorescent light bulb. i want to try this with weed too.

    can ANYone give me tips? i dont know anything about lights
  2. Like all of the rest of us have had to do (at one time or another!) you will want to read all of the stickys at the top of the forum. And in fact, checking all of the other forums, General Indoor Growing - Grasscity.com Forums, General Outdoor Growing - Grasscity.com Forums, Organic Growing - Grasscity.com Forums, Advanced Growing Techniques - Grasscity.com Forums, Sick Plants and Problems - Grasscity.com Forums, Grow Room Design/Setup - Grasscity.com Forums, Harvesting and Processing - Grasscity.com Forums and Grow Journals - Grasscity.com Forums will all give you great ideas, and should answer almost every question you have. I can tell you this right off though. Not sure how castor beans grow, but you'll probably want 6500k CLFs to start off with for vegetating (tubes can work as well) and as much wattage as you can get, since you're trying to get as close to the output of the sun as possible. Once your plants go into flowering/fruiting stage, you'll need the 2700k lights. Good luck!
  3. What kinda plant is this?
  4. castor bean, they make ricin with it, and its a cool lookin plant that sells up to 15 dollas a plant.. they grow up to 15+ feet tall.. i am tryin to get some purps going too. castor beans is what ill be selling and an excuse for the parents. once they sprout im prob gunna use an aerogarden for the weed
  5. Doesn't it bother you that they make ricin out of castor bean plants? That's stuff's kinda deadly.
  6. Anywayyy. One 23 or 26 watt light is not near enough light maybe like 3 or 4 for one plant.
  7. Whats so deadly about it, and what exactly is it?

    Dang how long does it take em to grow that big, and where exactly would you go about selling these things lol.
  8. selling at a craft show and stuff... but they are FAST growing plants... april/may to sept. they get about 15+feet tall in lots of sun. this is my second year growing them. you just dont want to touch them.. they make ricin with it . . . but it needs to be processed . . . idk about that part of it tho
  9. i would just be doin this to get the weed sprouted and the castor beans some good light.
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    Reading wikipedia, it does look like it can be used medicinally to fight cancer. So, I can kinda understand. Still really nasty stuff.
  11. wow you are fucked up nebbie....thats when it is processed...
  12. ya but selling those seeds is like selling anthrax ingrediants or some shit like that..
  13. Exactly. My point.
  14. Wow thats kinda scary, the leaves on a castor bean look almost like a fan leaf from ganja. Not something Ill be growing with my weed lol.

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