Fluorescent Grow? Am I a dummy?

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  1. This is for the grow gurus out there:

    I shelled out for NL x Haze Fem and Skunk#1 Fem from Sensi and Amnesia Haze Fem from Barney's Seeds and my wife is limiting my budget for my grow and won't let me purchase a 600w HPS right now for the grow. Being a good husband, I bought this:

    3 x 40W Soft White Fluorescent Lights @ 2600Lumens 2700K Color Temp
    3 x 40W Cool White Fluorescent Lights @ 2600 Lumens 4100K Color Temp
    various lighting adapters (some which convert 1 light socket to 2 etc)

    Now it says on the box that the output is 2600 lumens so technically my total output for the 3 plants would be 15,600 lumens. The seeds JUST germinated now.

    Any opinions or suggestions?

    Thank you,

  2. Here is a pic of my little setup

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  3. Put a reflective surface above the lights to reflect stray light downwards. Make sure your walls are very reflective by using flat white paint or mylar carefully applied. And keep those bulbs as close as possible to the plants. Maybe add a couple more bulbs. Also, train them - you probably don't want them growing straight up all willy nilly.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I have moved my grow to the closet with all flat white paint. The lights are 2inches from the babies and I have no clue what you mean by train them...Can you send a link for me to read?

    I appreciate the help buddy!

  5. Train = LST, SCRoG, purposeful trimming, etc. Basically any of the various things one can do to influence plant shape.

    If the plant grows all over the place it will likely produce less since many areas of the plant will not receive light energy from the CFL's. This is due to a lack of the "penetration" that HID lighting has due to the intensity of the light source in HID lighting.

    People seem to experience more success using LST or SCRoG (should be able to find PLENTY of info on those terms by searching) to create a low, flat-topped plant because it is easier to keep CFL's closer to the bud sites when they are grown in such shapes.
  6. Get yourself a full set of 6500k bulbs. I think the panasonic's that home depot carries are 2700 lumen's a piece. Use those for the vegging and then get some 2700 or 3k's for flowering, there rated at 3300 lumen's a tube.

    You can very easily grow nice plants with floro's.. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  7. Ahh, I see. Read up on LST and I'm interested in doing that so I'll post pics when my seedlings are spindly and lame looking.

    Thanks guys!

  8. Listen to this guy..

    You def need at least a couple 6500k bulbs, preferably 75% or so of your lighting 6500k..

    Also, careful with all that shit in one socket.. Just make sure it can support the wattage..

  9. Hello, I agree with phatrick2332. you need 6000-6500k lights for veg/ clone/seed starting. you need 3000-3500k to flower. Your grow box should work alright if you aren't looking to grow a lot, or you;re on a budget. I mean this plant is a survivor, I had one in a water bottle for its whole life cycle, no nutrients or fertilizer at all. just water. It was an experiment to see how strong this strain was. It eventually produced 1 bud, dried weighed .3 of a gram.... Which I know is nothing, just goes to show it can live almost anyway. For high yield or a professional grow op, Id say HPS and MH lights are the most efficent. Floro's are great, thats what I use. I got 8x 4' T8's that have 6500k. I got them about 4-5 inches from the plants. they dont get hot really and little ventilation is needed (except to cover smell and for air exchange, not to remove heat.) I would say something good to get would be some sort of tray to keep pots from leaking water on the floor. also I would say a humid dome would be a good investment (about $12 at a hydro store) so you can clone and star seeds with ease. People say cloning is tough or not for them, but I say its really easy and the best way to go. Well Good luck man, need any help, just give me a hollar because we are in the same floro boat. Mine is medical, and I swear by floro's for the novice-average grower. Peace ~Dalien:smoking:

    ill post pictures later

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