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Fluorescent flowering

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by xedubx, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. So i know that flowering under fluorescent lights isnt as efficient as hps/hid but... I want someone to confirm for me that it is possible. I will soon have one female under 4 agrosun 24" bulbs or could substitute those for warm white (2700k) bulbs. Will i still get buds?
  2. ya buddy ive seen it with my own eyes...Ive seen plants budding under a 4 bulb t12 fixture. You just get more/denser buds with hps. I guess the buds look a little more stringy tho.
  3. they'll flower. they'll just be airy.
  4. Throw 3-4 cfl 2700k in there, and you'll be golden. You gotta get the cfl right next to the plant though.
  5. so are you saying i can even flower with agrosun 24" full spectrum bulbs as long as i throw in some 2700k cfl's? i hope so cuz that would keep cost down a ton! or are you saying that i should use 2700k fluoro tubes as well?
  6. 2500-2700k is for vegging
    what he meant to say was 6500-6700k that red spectrum for flowering
    dont use 2700k for flower youll get worse results then your gonna get with 6700k
    go with warm white/or daylight cfls they are 6700k

  7. you've got it wrong man. backwards.

    In the vegg cycle you use 6500k (blue) and during the flowering you use 2700k (red) although a full spectrum (mix of both, more red during flower and blue during veg) works best.

    Either way, blue for veg and red for flower. Flowering under flouros is fine, just not as dense.
  8. This statement is not correct. It is correct that from what I've read, light in the red end of the spectrum is better for flowering, but the color temperatures (degrees Kelvin) is reversed. Soft White CFLs with a stronger Red output are rated around 2700 degrees K. This is a pretty neat chart that compares color temp to photosynthesis. Note that color temp is a guesstimate at best and that photosynthesis is based on specific wavelengths of the visible spectrum.


    Hope that helps.

  9. Thats what I do. I run CFLs/floro tubes the whole grow. check my sig

    Basically its just 2 48" tubes (changed to accomodate both stages). Then I have a 3 light vanity fixture with 3 42watt 2700k CFLs then 2 more in random places, more to the side and lower lighting. Then I have 1 daylight CFL just for the hell of it. Last plant I just harvested was about 1 oz total. Current LSTd plant should be at least that much. GL!

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  10. All kinds of fluoros from have been used: Vita Twists to regular tubes and noticed no difference. Go with the cheapo fluoro rubes, 4' is best.

    Best results were with two hooded fluoro fixtures ("worklights") connect at the edge for form a 1/2 light tunnel, where a large cola plant it trained horizontal within an inch of the lamp. The resulting bud was fairly dense.

    However, it is a huge pain in the ass. save your money and go right to HPS.
  11. Will floru tube with a temp of 3000k work for flowering? I been also told that with floru you should remove as many leaves as you can so that the light can get to the bud easier.
  12. No the fan leaves provide the energy to grow the buds. You need to train the plants instead.

    Better yet get an HID lamp.

  13. maybe i did have it ass backwards sorry about the false post or in accurate information
    if i fucked your whole grow up im sorry
    as you can tell i dont use cfl's
  14. Those are the color temps you need for each stage of the plant's life, no matter what kind of bulb you are using. Same color temps apply for HID lighting...
  15. oh no man, im sure you didn't mess up his grow lol I was just letting you know that you had it backwards... (and I saw in another post you had it the right way, so i'm assuming you know but made a typing error). Besides, it wont hurt the plant to use the other spectrum, it just won't work as well. So I thought id just say you got it backwards:p
  16. My experience is unless the lamp is green color temp does not matter. Intensity of fluoro or HID lamps is the only factor for growth.

  17. The 6500k is best for vegging, and true that 2700k can also be used in vegging but results won't be as good.

    The 2700k is best for flowering, and you really can't use only 6500k for flowering, just doesn't trigger the hormonal reactions for bud growth. You'll get some bud but your yield and potency will suffer significantly.

    Referring here to use of all of one frequency or the other, not inter-mixing for full spectrum...
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    whats up guys,

    i use 2 15w 18" fluorescent tubes in a 3 foot cardboard box i set up for these plants i started growing about a month ago, here's some pictures.


    so yea there not the best lights but thats what my grow is starting to look like so far, i have the lights mounted at the top to the sides. im not sure what the degree's are. Now if i wanted to bud theses guys once they reach the right hieght do i just use the lights i have now and switch the lights on for 12 hours on and 12 hours off to indicate the flowering season for weed (fall), or do i get some lights the let out red warm light with 2500-3000k for my budding? i really want to have some decent quality weed that will get me high. i use nutrients and stuff so there pretty healthy.

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