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fluffy vs dense

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by joe_guy, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. ever one seems to think a good fluffy bag is freaking amazin!
    i tend to favor really dense buds, the ones so dense the bags look short but u get reassured by the scale, like one time i got a bag 2 nugs one was mybe a half dollar size and the other a bit bigger then a quarter, smelled like coffee freaking bomb. as compared to a some stuff i got over the summer that was so fluffy the bags allways looked very fat! but it burned way faster then the dense stuff, whats your opion?

    i jsut really like dense herbal, not compressed, just rock hard nugs
  2. haha i picked up a 2.4 g 30 sack that looked like a gram.

    i call em gobstopper bowls
  3. I don't really care; as long as it gets me high. I do love really airy Sativas though with lots of hairs. Dense indicas are more the norm.
  4. Gimme dat fluffy stuff
  5. I like my weed dense but I have seen dank that is fluffy as fuck. it is sortof wierd to see though around here, dense weed is very popular.
  6. i dont mind if i get either one but ive only goten some good dank that was like rocks once
  7. buds like rocks are all over here yo
  8. It's usually always fluffy around here, that's how I like it. Nothing wrong with it dense, I just like it fluffy myself.
  9. not that good around here. usually when i do have good danks it dont matter to me. as long as i see some good crystalls
  10. I prefer dense if it is anything but good quality.

  11. o sure quality over any thing else
  12. I prefer sativas most of the time, so I'm going with fluffy. But if I fancy an indica I want some rock hard nugs ;-)
  13. By the time I grind my dense dank it becomes fat and fluffy! All that matters is that it I got what I paid for and it weighed what they said it would. . . .
  14. Fluffy/dense is just the type ind/sat and the lighting, too little - fluff.
    sativas are fluffiest
    sat/in blends are fluffly
    50/50 can be almost anything
    in/sat getting dense
    pure indica, should be dense (afgahni indica and pakistani Inidca or cannibis pakastani if you belive in the 4th species, are if grown well with lites and nutes, can be rock hard heavy resin nugs.

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