Flu shot or get fired

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  1. This is some straight bullshit.

    Flu shot or get fired

    About 25,000 Capital Region hospital workers need the state-mandated shield, and the area's top sites say comply or quit

    ALBANY -- Workers at Capital Region hospitals are going to have to get a flu shot this year or face losing their jobs.
    [​IMG] The requirement is part of a new emergency regulation adopted earlier this month by the State Hospital Review and Planning Council that requires that all hospital workers get the flu vaccine -- and that it be a requirement for employment.
    Hospitals are quickly trying to assemble new workplace policies to comply with the regulation, and those that have been put in place threaten disciplinary action and even termination if workers, from janitors and food service workers to doctors and nurses, refuse to get the shots. The policy affects about 25,000 people in the region.
    Albany Medical Center, the region's leading hospital, sent out announcements to workers earlier this week saying employees had to get flu shots by Oct. 16. Spokesman Gregory McGarry said the hospital may take "corrective action" against employees if they don't comply, although he declined to get into specifics about what type of penalties they would face.
    The hospital, which will pay for the vaccine, is insisting that almost all of its 7,000 employees get the shots, even those who work at off-site buildings such as the finance center in Delmar. McGarry said that even those workers spend time at the main hospital buildings for meetings.
    "It's anyone who has contact with patients or providers," McGarry said. "There may be rare exceptions."
    St. Peter's Hospital in Albany is also developing a set of strict guidelines as it seeks to get all of its 4,500 employees shots by Dec. 1.
    "There are very few exceptions," said spokesman Elmer Streeter. "We will be requiring it of all our employees as a condition of employment."
    Workers will be suspended for five days initially if they do not get the shot. After that, they have another five days to comply before facing possible termination.
    Public health officials across the world are gearing up for the flu season this year with special urgency, especially because of concerns over the H1N1 "swine" flu virus. The new state regulations do not cover the swine flu vaccine, only the seasonal flu vaccine.
    The New York State Nurses Association, which represents 37,000 nurses in the state, has opposed mandatory policies, and still does, says spokesman Mark Genovese.
    "We think it should not be mandatory," Genovese said. "But we of course urge them to protect themselves." Northeast Health in Troy, the organization that owns Albany Memorial Hospital and Samaritan Hospital in Troy, is working toward new guidelines. "We're still in the process of finalizing our policy on that," said spokeswoman Angela Yu. "Obviously, we are trying to comply with the health department rules."
  2. Unless you believe that the flu vaccines are filled with AIDS or mercury, this is a good thing.

    I've known several people already who've had swine flu as I'm sure you all do as well. Swine flu may not be deadly in its current state (it's really just like a regular flu from what I've heard) but it's extremely contagious and like any other flu, it can knock you on your ass for a few days.

    I think it's not only acceptable but wise to make sure that healthcare providers stay immune to this disease as long as possible.
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    Forced vaccinations are not good no matter what is in them. I don't understand why hospital workers would need to get the vaccination. They've most likely already built an immunity to it at this point.
  4. Sometimes, I wonder if I'm just being paranoid.
    But my gut tells me not to get any vaccines.
  5. I've been vaccine free for about 15 years and I've never gotten the flu, or anything else really.

  6. I don't get flu shots and I have not had the flu in like twenty years.

    Flu shots for prevention are bull shit. They are spreading the disease.

    For every Dr. you can find that recommends one I can find a Dr. that recommends against it.

  7. You do realize that not everyone thinks the government is going around trying to kill Americans with a vaccine? I am avoiding the vaccine because I am sure they are cutting costs in the name of profit. (Not that I think the flu threat is all that real anyways)
  8. Forced Vaccinations are how we wiped out smallpox.

    And you don't build up a tollerence to influenza because it mutates on a seasonal basis, and if they had it and were spreading it to people who are already sick, the casualties would be astronomical.
  9. You're never one to disagree with forced anything are you? You just love that government tit don't you? Anything Uncle Sam says is A-Ok with you! What is it like to love being a slave? Do you get lighter chains by saying "yes um massa. Anything you say massa"?

    Hey! I have an idea! Why don't we just let the government tell us how to do EVERYTHING in our lives? That's a great idea! I mean, they are so wise and knowledgeable and they only want what is best for us.
  10. I am torn by this subject. I do not agree with vaccinations, but shouldn't the people handing them out be jumping at the chance to recieve one?

    Like, if i'm in the hospital for something and my nurse just happens to be carrying a virus, it could kill me because of my already weak immune system. I choose not to get immunizations because I've had bad reactions to them in the past, but a health care worker should be doing everything to protect the people they're treating. Ya dig?

    If anything these nurses and doctors, who don't mind handing the shit out, should be getting the vaccines they're trying to promote.

    However, i don't believe maintenance men and women shouldn't be forced because they don't come in contact with patients.
  11. Are you kidding me? Are you really comparing smallpox to swine flu? :laughing: Do you know how long it took to wipe it out? We started trying to eliminate small pox in the 1800s. Do you think that forced vaccinations were truly necessary in wiping out smallpox?

  12. You can believe that if you want but I am still suspicious.

  13. Just trust the agencies, WHO etc they have your best interest at heart
  14. ;)

    Any sensible person should have a problem with anyone or anything mandating that something has to be put into our bodies, just like all of us here have a problem with them telling as what we can't put into our bodies. There's something eerily Orwellian about an agency ordering that people must receive a vaccine or face the consequences.
  15. I think it's not only acceptable but wise to practice good personal hygiene, stay or go home if your sick with flu like symptoms, don't be a slob that leaves your germs all over public places, and stop playing drinking games or blunt sharing for a while. :D
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    In most states hospital workers already have to be vaccinated for hepatitis so this is not a lot different. The hepatitis vaccine made me sick as a dog for weeks...and if you stick yourself drawing blood you have to get gamma globulin shots...the basic idea is that you don't want all the hospital workers getting sick when they are most needed (if we did have a real pandemic, such as the early 1900's flu). Is the flu going to be a big problem? Do the shots work? Will they give everybody Guillain-Barre Syndrome...we'll know by next year this time :)
  17. I don't think that's how it works. I'm pretty sure you actually need to catch the disease in order to become immune to it.

    You need to chill out. It's a shame that you have to paint these absurd character portraits about anyone and everyone who disagrees with you.

    I don't really think swine flu in its current incarnation is what the WHO, US gov, etc. are all that concerned about. I've known people who had swine flu and got over it like a regular flu.

    However, consider this: what's the difference between a highly contagious but normally non-fatal virus and an extremely deadly virus the likes of small pox? Like Maxrule's link said, "viruses change over time". Mutations are how the current version of swine flu could turn into something much more potent.

    Viruses need hosts, otherwise, after a relatively short period of time, they die. When they're in a host, though, all they're doing is replicating. They replicate in a similar way to our cells but just at a ridiculous rate.

    What're the chances a mutation of swine flu occurring within a given host will result in an extremely deadly strain? 1 in 1,000,000? 1 in 10,000,000? It's certainly very minuscule. Still, every time a host is infected, the current strain of the virus gets another roll of the ten-million-sided die. Hell I don't know, maybe a virus needs to mutate in steps - in successive transfers over a series of hosts.

    At any rate, a virus that infects people as easily as swine flu does is not good news. Frankly I would advise you all to get a vaccine once they become available (or at least once an acceptable number of people have successfully taken it to make you feel secure enough in taking it yourself).
  18. WTF, do you know anybody with the swine flu? why does everyone need vacs. they arent even tested. Do you honestly think this just popped up naturally, how stupid can people be? dammit im sick of it (no pun), the WHO (not the band morons) is not there to help you out in any way! Mass vaccinations = mass profits, and its a vaccine thats actually deadlier than the flu itself, but its being hyped to scare you into getting the shot. Go ahead and get the shot then dummies haahahaha
  19. Hey here's an idea, how about you make your point without a stupid fucking ad-hominem. YOu wont look like such a tool next time.
  20. You can build an immunity without getting sick.

    Then why are they advocating this vaccine? The vaccine they're working on now will be for the current strain, not some new mutation. It will be useless against some new mutation.

    For your own good, don't take the vaccine. The people that it would supposedly help the most are the ones most susceptible to its side effects and everyone else doesn't really need it.

    In NY, there were actually quite a few cases of swine flu. My dad is a family physician and he saw more cases of swine flu than "normal" flu. I'm not saying you should get the shot, but the disease does exist.

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