Flu season all!

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  1. I posted this in seasond tokers but got rejected, no one looks in lifestyle health so i posted here now :) also a thread about plastics and smoking but got deleted and im way to lazy right now to retype so fuck it i hope you all burn plastic :cool:

    Ok now the act of smoking if you know it or not is actually kinda ...germy...germ...germie..idk anyway

    My main tip for you all is this

    1-USE A BONG!

    Noxious gases known to occur in marijuana smoke include hydrogen cyanide, which incapacitates the lung's defensive cilia; volatile phenols, which contribute to the harshness of the taste; aldehydes, which promote cancer; and carbon monoxide, a known risk factor in heart disease. Previous studies indicate that water filtration may be quite effective in absorbing some of these [Nicholas Cozzi, Effects of Water Filtration on Marijuana Smoke: A Literature Review, MAPS Newsletter, Vol. IV #2, 1993]. If so, waterpipes might still turn out to have net health benefits.

    MAPS - Volume 6 Number 3 Summer 1996 -

    Meaning smoking out of a bong protects your Cilia
    Cilia, flagella, and centrioles

    Your cilia move mucuse around and out of your lungs, and protect your lungs from dust partiacles and viruses.

    H1N1, is a virus, meaning if you smoke to much otu of non filterd smoke then you will damage your Cilia making you MORE submittable? more sus-ep-table sorry.

    thats my main point my other small points on which I have no facts other then what i learned in kinder garden.

    2- We smoke with our mouths, our mouths are dirty.
    if you share the pipe with a few people your gona be passing a shit load of germs, just try to hold your slobber please
    3- The build up of resin is tar, butaine chemicals and randon bacteria from it being a dark warm area when not in use, so clearn your pipes when you can, especially if you hide them all over the place.

    Im not a germ-afobe really ....no seriously, I just dont like getting sick, hope you all enjoy this have a healthy flu season!

    Dragon...your friendly forum medic?
  2. thats some goood shit man, thanks for sharing.
  3. As a general cleanliness thing I wipe my bong down with alcohol pads, certainly can't hurt to do after a smoke session.

    Also, hookahs are solid, especially if you have hookah condoms each person can have their own condom.


    As a matter of public safety should everyone own a hookah? Yes, yes I think that might just have to happen.
  4. i skimmed this...

    how about a vaporizer ... that's viable.
  5. I've never gotten the flu, I've never taken precautions when smoking with other people, I've frequently smoked with people who were extremely sick.

    I think by not being a germophobe I've strengthened my immune system to the point where I rarely get sick, and if I do it lasts 1-2 days and I feel fine again.

    Life is too short to be worried about germs all the time.

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