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Discussion in 'General' started by Plex420, May 1, 2006.

  1. ok so i took theese flu pills and at first i didnt feel anything....and i was in the shower...then i ate this sub and took a nap...nowi got up and i feel likei m flying.they hd dxm in them it feels so good.my pupils are mega huge.....its prety cool...lol i thought id tell yall...i keep it updateded and stuff....i took 6 man this is wierd....holy siht lol sory for this big ramble majigger
  2. The only active ingredient should be dxm, nothing else, or your fucked.
  3. well then im fucked

    edit; i dont realy feel a whole lot....jsut dizy......and i cant exactly think straight.....and pushing vutons amuses me and....well i like to say stupid things to anoying people on aim.i hop i dont die :)
  4. You only took 6, you won't die, but pain relievers like acetominophen can be very dangerous in large amounts. If you're going to trip, trip safe and buy something with ONLY DXM. Personally, I don't like syrups, but it's up to you for that part.
  5. ya i dk why i even took them lol...but dudecough syrup makes me gag i hate that shit
  6. robo cough gels, problem solved

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