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Flu/Cold releif with marijuana

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by hippie john, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. well, i really have no concept as to why this works, i mean hell, i'd think that having smoke in your lungs and throat would make you cough more, but its not the case for me.... ok the story....

    for about the last 2 months ive had a sore throat (kinda odd though, since its only in a small area on the left side) but for the last week or so its gotten really bad, i mean to the point that im almost vomiting when i cough (already gone to the doctors about the sore through, and he administers a strep throat test, which came back negative, then tells me to go home, wtf) and since ive gotten the cold/flu ive stopped smoking, thinkin that it might help to give my lungs a break.... well, last night and today ive smokedd a single bowl, and it completly erradicates my coughing for 3 - 6 hours... my current theory is that the layer of smoke on my throat is what is causing the coughing to stop... or maybe its some reaction in my brain telling me taht my throat is fine, so i dont have to cough.... ive got no idea.... only reason i typed it out was that i kept forgetting what i was thinkin about... uhmh

  2. i know that it helps my breathing and i'm asthmatic, i also read on a website that had links to the info, that THC helps Asthmatics........Peasce out........Sid
  3. whenever i get a cold, flu, stomach ache, headache, u name it i will spark up a fat joint. no matter what i will feel a lot better.
  4. But l think it works too :smoking:
  5. Back when I was about 13 I woke up with a cold
    Stuffed nose
    Sore throat
    Slight headache

    The whole shebang

    I went out to my toking spot and hit a few parachutes went back inside, passed out on my bed

    When I woke up I was 100% healthy!

    But for the flu idk, I have it right now and Im put off by smoking because of that nasty ass sickness taste/smell that's in your throat/sinuses when u get the flu
  6. hell ches, mj opens up your airways and junk, gets the nose all runny, give that fucker a good blow and damn you'll feel like 70% perfect

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