Floyd's Mind Trips. (Lucid Dreams, And Astral Projection)

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    I'm just making this thread to catalog any things that happen.
    This thread is for personal use for me, but if anyone wants to read an comment
    Feel free :)

    My first major one happened last night
    If you wanna read about it check it here.
    Sorry for any typos or grammar errors, as long as you get the point.

    Feb 17, 2009
    March 5, 2009
  2. I keep a journal for this sort of thing. It's a really good thing to do, good luck with yours!
  3. Nice trips, a lot of my dreams have school in them too. Some nights ago as I was falling asleep I for a few brief moments made it into a lucid state in my room with a bong and a floating, spinning rock hovering around, but it ended really quickly because I was overly conscious of it. I think with time (and experimenting with salvia) it'll become pretty easy to slip into a lucid moment.
  4. I used to have lucid dreams a lot long time ago. Lost count after 13, I'd realize i was in a dream and conjure women to have sex with.

    Now, i don't awaken in my dreams (frequently) but almost have nocturnal emissions at will
  5. I've been training myself for projecting mainly. Vivid dreams are brought about by me taking melatonin. So im also training myself also to awaken inside of my dreams. I've made good progress in a month.
  6. What is astral projection exactly?
  7. http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/difference.html

    (difference between astral / dreaming / lucid dreaming)
    It's subjective to some people, but this link is what I beleive to be the case.

    if you want to know more about astral projection thats a good site to browse, and wikipedia to get the jist of it.
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    If you can self-induce astral projections you'd be a supermundane entity
  9. I'm in pursuit of projection because of various reasons
    Curiosity, Boredom, Self-healing, Inspiration, ect..

    I'd like to keep any religious babel out of this thread because it would lead to nowhere.
    So if your calling me sacrilegious in the name of a god you believe in, please refrain, or point yourself away from this thread... Thanks.

    I am a strong atheist, and a blank slate. If projection presents something strong enough to influence me to change what I believe in, I accept that. But I'm not looking for a "god"

    No human can influence what I believe in, Only my mind can do that.
  10. Wow bad vibes. Looks like your pulling out all the stops for Lucid dreaming.

    Good luck, I will keep an eye on this thread.
  11. Had a crazy sequence this morning when i woke up
    Ill write about it later... But i had like 3-4 Out of body's within 2 hours and they all interconnected. And I encountered "something"
  12. I have been trying desperately to astral project for about a year now.

    I've been out of body about 6 times all under 30 seconds and these all happened more than 6 months ago :(
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    i never managed astral projection but i manage to lucid dream from time to time, i'll be following this :)
  14. Added my 2nd one. I wrote it kind of stoned, so my appologies for any spelling/grammar errors.
  15. I enjoyed reading both of those.

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