Flown to a random spot, only given a bicycle and some camping gear.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ArborVan37, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. A bike, some camping gear, a few dollars and a one way ticket to a place of my choosing.
    I have always wanted to do this.. and see how long it would take me to get enough money to buy a ticket back.

    Note: I would have back-up money in case I fail miserably

    I hate getting a roundtrip ticket.. you always have to plan when you are going to come back!

    I think this would be a really enlightening experience.. and possibly quite scary.

    Of course I would video document it all, and create a film out of it ;)

    whatcha think?? Has it been already done before?
  2. This reminds me of that show locked up abroad where people will do this and then end up putting heroin up their ass to get paid enough money to get back home

  3. :D;) awesome.
  4. hmmm, heroin in the ass sounds delightful right now =]

  5. ahahha ive seen that.. i was thinking of just stayin in the united states
  6. do it to cali (unless you already live there) and dont bring extra money, or else you wont be motivated
  7. go for it man, just go to some chill area and tramp from there to someplace else for awhile. doesnt have to be random, find someplace thatd be chill to be at and then start off someplace thats far enough away to take some time to get to the chill place.

    it is something i really want to do, but right now need to make enough money so im financially secure. tramping would be great to do for a bit, but eventually id wanna get back to what i can do for my future
  8. That sounds really legit, definitely do it.
  9. Into the Wild? Is that the kind of fail miserably you are talking about?
  10. I want to do that but in Australia. Shit would be OFF THE HOOK!
  11. I want to to this in the u.s.a northwestrn also. But i want to check in town once a week for nutes etc.. Basically go live in the woods for 4-5 month and come back with a big harvest to say the least. ;) just take like 2-3k clones outside.
  12. This sounds like one of those things that sounds like it would be a lot of fun to do, until you actually go do it, then you realize how balls it is
  13. A kid I knew who graduated last year decided not to go to college and instead buy a one way ticket to a random country, and then try to make money there and go somewhere else and start over. I hear he is in New Zealand working at burger king and he spends all his money on drugs so he can't afford a flight back haha.
  14. that sounds crazy, why not just go on a trip to amsterdam, spend alot of money on weed and go back?
  15. look up couchsurfing.com if you are for real its where people lend you there couch for a little bit.

  16. not at all, will most likely be an experience he will remember for the rest of his life. i know from experience leaving your hometown with no set objective and very little cash flow(and some ganja) is good times.

    I would recommend a little one man coffin tent, very easy to transport.
  17. Not necessarily trying to shoot him down, I just wouldn't be able to function without laptop/cell phone whenever I needed it.

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