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  1. My strain in question is White widow and Blueberry. Currently I have 4 strains under a 1000W light and 20 plants total. Room sixe is 10x10. Since my blueberry and WW come due in 2 weeks (10 of the 20 plants), if I move them directly under the light and move my othr strains back further (Becase they mature in 4 weeks) will the buds on my Blueberry and WW grow much more in size then they are now (week 6)?? Or have they reached their maxium size?

    Also, At what point can I trim all the leaves off so the bottom buds can have more light and grow a bit bigger?? (Note: Its week 6, plants done in week 8, and plants is still real green and healthy with a good bit of leaves)

    This is my first time flowering and since I am down to the last 2 weeks, I want to maximize my yeild. :)

    Soil grow
    12/12- 6 weeks
  2. First of all, you are trying to make your light do too much. A 1000W light is good for about 20 sq ft--you have 100 sq ft. Your bud production is going to suffer as a result of inadequate lighting.

    Your buds have not reached their max size--they will continue to grow. I would also advise that you harvest when the trichs show that the plant is ready (1/2 cloudy and 1/2 amber trichs), rather than going with an 8 or 10 week flowering period, since many of your plants have not been getting optimum light. This may have extended your flowering time

    You never cut the fan leaves off a plant
  3. Sounds good. Thanks Hempstress:)

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