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  1. anyone else here flow?
    flow = freestyle rappin if ya dont know

    I do from time to time, especially when im high, its the shit
  2. not bad, thats almost basicly how it is for me, if Im high I can just hear a beat n start going without even thinkin about it, otherwise it aint so easy
  3. yeh, me and my friends do it all the time, but we basicly take the piss outta each other, if u seen 8 mile it's kinda like that
  4. yea, battlin n stuff.
  5. i like listening to it if it's good... and i'm baked...

    around here there's a few decent pop-n-lock/ravers who will challenge me to a battle from time to time... usually they'll see me bullshittin' with my friends and think i suck, then they come to show me up and i make 'em look like a fool. lol.

    great stuff :)
  6. i dont "do" hip hop :)
  7. Yo, as an atheist who's over stressed you must wonder how im so over blessed//
    And if you question my ability youl end up in cardiac arrest//
    If theres one thing you possess for your sake I hope its a bullet proof vest//
    Cuz im sendin 6 shots right to ya chest to make your suit a bloody mess//
    Im so dangerous I should be illegal//
    And im killin spontaneous like ima desert eagle//
    I got a collection of paralegals//
    It seems like these days peoples minds is feeble//
    Instead of leavin in style youl be caught leavin under a sheet//
    Soon the whole world will know that's your chalk outline in the street//
    Cuz im one of the rap games elite//
    I cant even carry heat with out takin at least one cat off his feet//
    Im worldly renowned as the guy that can smoke a pound and not get the slightest bit high//
    Il bust 12 rounds til you fall on the ground, then cover you in blood until you've drowned just to make sure you've died

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