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  1. Because of popular demand...well, kinda....I've decided to make a thread about flowers. Like, which kind do you like, dislike, eat, kick, spit on, etc....

    Personally, I like carnations, roses, lilacs, and violets. Actually, I like any flowers that are purple

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  2. I have to say I agree with that....

    Purple is a good color!
  3. flowers huh, how about this one

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  4. flowers are so pretty!
  5. or maybe this one

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  6. i like orchids

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  7. butter cups.... hehehehe.. they smell like peanut butter!
  8. my favorite is

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  9. I like honeysuckle.

  10. I forgot about that!!! Honeysuckle is great! I used to eat the honey in them when I was little :D

  11. Hempress, great thread!!

    I used to eat the honey stuff! Its tasty:p

    I love roses. I have a fakeblack rose in my room, in an absinthe bottle. how goth of me :p

    i like passion flowers too. my grandma has a big bush of those in her garden. very pretty and very strange

    Those orchids are fucken wierd.

    damn. flowers are cool

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  12. I used to eat the honey stuff, too. Now, whenever I pass a honeysuckle plant on one of my stoned walks I grab part of a branch to take with me. I prolly look pretty funny holding it up to my nose for the rest of the walk.
  13. My mom's lavendars are starting to turn green...they should be blooming bright purple in about 2 weeks...I can't wait!!!
  14. That would scar me for life, too. I hate spiders. Once my mom told me if I pulled weeds in her garden she would take me out for lunch so I was pulling weeds and stood up. I ended up face to face with a big ass yellow spider. I nearly pissed my pants. I had to go in and sit down for a minute.
  15. other than marijuana I like opium poppies a lot..papaver somniferums are awsome psychedellic plants

  16. orchids are amazing but very hard to grow really nice....

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