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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by OldSkoolDick, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. 1. Can I go all the way with Flouros if I use a 3-4 45 Watt (200 Watt rating) bulbs per plant? I'm trying to avoid dishing out 300-400 dollars for pressure lights.
    2. When can I expect flowering? after 2 monthes I have 9" to 12" plants with several layers of leaves.
    3. Should I prune at all before flowering?
  2. 1. Yes. But don't expect huge yields.

    2. Whenever you stimulate it. Switch the plants to a 12 hours on and 12 hours off lighting cycle and the plants should begin to flower. The dark cycle MUST be uninterrupted. when using flouro's it is best to flower small as the penetration of the light isn't much.

    3. When using small flouro's IMHO it usually best to flower a plant with a few well developed kola rather than a supercropped/tied plant with lot's of budsites.

    Others will say different I'm sure.
  3. nope......i agree my friend.......^^^^ DITTO^^^.......Peace out..............Sid
  4. expect around .5 grams per watt with floros. So expect 100 grams or 3.5 ounces per havvest about 4 times a month. Its still alot of weed for non growers and can suport a smoker with a gram a day. Mebey more if you do hydro. But ive never seen a hydro floro grow before. That would be intresting i bet you can get around what those expensive hps lights get with 4 bubblers in a row under 4 4' floro tubes, me personaly would go with 6 bulbs for more side lighting, yeild, and bud density though.

    I would say do a scrog too but for some reason they say no. Why cant you supercrop, scrog, tie and such with floros? never heard of problems with this before.
  5. Gr0wer/

    It's a personal thing for me. Almost by definition a flouro grow is a small grow and in small spaces it would be *my* preference to veg a larger number of clones to 5 tightly spaced nodes (a week to root, 2-3 weeks veg) and flower them straight away then.

    The alternatives mean a longer veg time and smaller kola's (the lower bud sites even when the main stem is tied will never be as phat as the main stems kola) for the same square footage.

    Beyond this SCROG etc can get quite densely packed and flouro's will have a lot of difficulty penetrating this thick canopy. Hey baby, nice canopy.

    0.5 grams per watt is a good baseline statistic for lights but a more important statistic to me is how much I can actually smoke.... grams per watt per month. Anyone who can pull 0.5g's per watt per month with flouro's is doing pretty damn well! :)

  6. That would be about 1.5 g per watt per harvest! Thats near imposible with floros.
  7. Gr0wer/

    That depends on your harvest schedule. The point with flouro's is that to maximise yield you need a continuous grow system and SCROG does not allow that conveniantly.

    It is near impossible to get 0.5g/w/m with flouro's and isn't easy to get with any setup HOWEVER what it is is the best judge of grow room efficiency.

    Any cunt can pull 0.5g/w at but it means fuck all if it took 12 months!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, 0.5 g/w is an ok ballpark yield guesstimator but that's about it.

    Their (particularly in OG) is quite a focus on this "stat" and IMHO it is a bit misleading, certainly to compare.

    Sorry mate, you were just the first to mention what is a personal annoyance of mine.

  8. I shopuld have mentioned that I'm using the energy saving screw in flouro bulbs, not tubes. I think that I'm getting better watt coverage this way.
  9. I hear you on that, G/W/M is truely what the yeild effecieny is. I bet i get better then alll you indoor growers I use 80 watts for about 3 weeks then i put them under the sun and they do there thing and i will get a few oz a plant. ;) O'ers rule!

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