Flowers on the leaves???

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by Noam Chongsky, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. I'v got a blueberry plant that has a few female flowers growing on the actual leaf itself. The leaf stem rises up from the plant - and at the redish center on the leaf, where all the individual fingers branch from.

    has anyone else ever seen this?
  2. I have seen this in a couple of books but never experienced it myself, an interesting mutation that one
  3. It had matured into quite a decent bud on a few of em - i reckon it could be a future design feature - flowering leaves?? who doesnt' want that???
  4. wow three cotyledon? i wanna see how that plant turns out.
  5. @syphex, yes ive heard of that before.... plants use genetics.. just like humans... sometimes there is a mutation in there that shouldnt be, but it is...

    Ive also seen the buds in the center of the leaf branches (where they all branch out)... so weird lol...

    Also, a while back i popped open a seed and 2 sprouts came out of one hahaha.... TWINS!!!!! Had to kill one though... one root structure will not support 2 plants hehe

  6. no.. a top is 2 colas on one stalk... twins was 2 individual plants on one root system. One would eventually become dominant and starve the smaller of nutes and water
  7. Did it occur mainly on the colas? it seemed to be the leaves which had been pressed against buds - like it was some sort of hormonal crossover :S
  8. If any of these variations were improvements, they would have been propagated. How many two-headed snake species are there? [That's a rhetorical question, suggesting that these variations are for the circus crowd]
  9. So does that mean that a genetic defect that make a living two headed snake would be completely useless?
  10. look at the Belgian blue cow for example

    [ame=]Meet the Super Cow - YouTube[/ame]
  11. yeah I had one once, I had planned to breed with it just for the novelty but I had a crazy swarm of spidermites when I was a away for a few days and it wiped out all my seedling including the 3 leafed little fella, I was gutted
  12. yes if its genetic it can be past on.
    I agree with the twins, the roots would of caught up easily enough I would of thought
  13. two headed snakes are not genetic mutations, they are conjoined twins. very different. if you bred two two headed snakes together they would produce normal young. the term two headed is incorrect anyway. there are two beings sharing a body

    besides, big fat stinky bud smelling of bubblegum and have blue colouring has nothing to do with natural selection and would not appear in the wild. all these plants have been selectively bred so the odd mutation coming along may well be desirable. like colouring, smell or a complete covering in HTC rich tricomes
  14. has a beneficial mutation ever been observed in a wild cannabis land race?

    Slightly off topic but what the heck :D
  15. every "step" in evolution is a mutation
  16. yes but has one ever been observed?

    this seems like quite a distinction
  17. Pics or it didn't happen
  18. So one said they'd read about it in a book so it must be a fairly common mutation.

    I didnt take pictures but i have clones of the plants that did it so i will take some pictures next time - my daughter is due to be born in march so im gonna get myself a decent camera so everyone can see the Noam in action
  19. ha! "didn't happen" he says.

    it's true, I've seen it before.

    it would be nice to see it, though.

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