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  1. Hey,
    My female is budding lots and lots on the top but here's my mystery. She is only 18 inches tall. The top of her is covered with buds but all the lower leaves are yellowing and falling off. I tried to send photos but wasn't successful. I pleaded for help with sending photos but got no satisfaction. Any advice or comments on my perdicerment with my plant? Is this normal? Bit strange that it's only a foot and a half high. But full of buds. Thanks for any comment, criticism, jokes.
  2. If she is flowering did you put her into that state....trigger flowering by reducing the lights to 12/12?
  3. No, she has been outdoors all of her life. I've looked for bugs but see none.
  4. I know that some strains will flower when they're good and ready whether the light is on 12/12 or not but i'm not too sure which type....are the leaves that are falling off going brittle at the edges before falling off?....or are they curling in any way?....Peace out....Sid
  5. The leaves are not turning brittle at the edges and they are not curling under. They are just turning yellow and falling off at which point new growth appears. But I'm worried because there are not a whole lot of leaves left. The plant resembles a broom in that the stalk is long and the majority of the leaves are at the top. I wish I could send you a photo. The buds are covered with white hairs. The plant is "Bubblegum" a sativa/indica hybrid. My plant looks nothing like the photo in size. It's only 18 inches high. Is there such a thing as a dwarf plant?
  6. Is the Bud smokable?
  7. I guess so.

  8. Hello there... You mentioned curling and leaves going brittle, I have a post (indoor growing - why me. aas well as indoor growing - mewbie growing on metal shelf... and many others asking this question... so il will not list it again...) what might be the cause of this if you know? My plant has leaves gowing yelloow mottled, and than gowing brittle, and curling under, some curling into itself, the cotyledons are tottaly dead, not brown though,....they are yellow. what might be the cause, I have posted info on a insect that is in my soil, but nobody can tell me what it might be from my descriptions, they are not on the leaves or stems, they move fast, are yellowish-white, very small, have antannea no wings, and if looked closly through a mag. glass there is a small white band spanning the width of its abdomen, but seconds after making your presence they scramble into the soil...where is mulder and scully when you need em...

    I am not sure if it is the bugs causing the trouble...or a deficiency of the can get my full post, much longer than this one on one of the mentioned forums... thanks for any help....anyones replies is appreciated...I think Im losing time with it though..!

    Ave atque vale,...


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