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  1. how can i tell when my plants have fully started flowing
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    You should be able to tell if your plants are in full blown flowering stage by checking if there is weed on the plant. If there are no buds, I would have to say it isn't in the mature flowering stage.:p

    Veg: [​IMG]

    Flower: [​IMG]

    I hope this clears up some confusion for you.
  3. yep, and you will KNOW if flowering is beginning.... calyxs are NOT easy to miss.. it looks like a little tiny squash, with two transparent appendiges protruding from a small opening at the end of the "squash"
  4. thank you both
  5. Look for the white hairs man thats when you know she's pre-flowering
  6. rit on i deff got lil white hairs forming how lng do u think till pre flowering is done? and would it b ok to feed them Grow Once more or Go to my Bloom ?
  7. I think you wait until small clusters of calyxes form on the top b4 flower nutes

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