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  1. What is flowering, and how is it achived. Also does anyone suggest a good website or book to read about growing(indoors that is).

  2. Im relativley new to the website but iam an experienced grower wel over 150 plants per harvest in/outdoor... flowering is a stage of the plant which comes after veg. period. flowering is where the plant will sex (mate) withe male/females etc etc... suggestions if you grow indoors... turn your light cycle to something aroun 12/12 sun/night.. otherwize your plant will just continue to get bigger and bigger and not produce any buds.. (which is what we all really want huh?) you can keep male plants but they will most likely sex your female plants even if tey are miles away... bugs, wind, and water... stuff happens... plus male plants have very low THC production because the plant doesnt need it to survive.. female plants need THC because the plants are dry so it produces this chemical... In easy english... Kill your males and clone your mother plant.... easier said then done... happy growing to you and i hope all ends up well... agian i would like to say hi to everyone out there and would like that if anyone has anything to add or correct on this post please do so cause were all here to help one another!!!

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