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  1. o.k. i know how much this can be annoying reading through all the bumff to get to the questions i need answered,will she smell more so here goes....

    1)When putting her into flowering mode is it best to decrease the lighting from 18/6 to 12/12 or just switch it?

    2)i have a grow room approx 3'x3'x10' i have 2 plants in it ready to flower one at 1' and the other at over 2' i have installed a 400w HPS light at a height of approx 6'2" i also have a oscilating fan on them.......is anything wrong with this set-up?

    3)i know to use a fert with a ratio like 10-60-10 but when should i use it....just before puting her onto 12/12 or a week in or what?

    4)when ferting as she's flowering should i spray her with the flowering fert or not? will spraying her result in mouldy buds?

    5)Will she require more water during the flowering process?

    6)Will she smell more while flowering?

    7)what would you think the average time would be from start to finish of the flowering stage with my current set-up?

    any help would be greatly apreciated as allways....it's you blades that have managed to get me this far on my first attempt....so lets hope it all goes well and i'll get pics of the harvest........Peace out.......Sid
  2. Hey thanks once again woody for the info....well i turned off the MH and changed over to the HPS tonight....man that lights bright!!! after a few hours i checked my readings.....and the temperture has risen from 80 degrees Fh to 85 degrees Fh is this rise o.k.? if not how can it be fixed as i cannot get fresh air to them as i check on them quite often? also the humidity has risen to 30% very dry! is this o.k. and if not how can it be fixed?.....Peace out......Sid
  3. Just an update....i put the lights on 12/12 on at 06.00 and off at 18.00, the temperture is holding at 85 degrees farenheit, and the humidity has came back to 40 to 45% well i hope this is ok!!! can anyone tell me of a way to get fresh air into a closet that is far away from an outside wall?? it's behind a big wooden door that i don't wanna cut a hole in either as it's my hall cupboard??......Peace out.....Sid
  4. 85 degrees is ok, you should be fine. I don't know about fresh air.... someone else may help
  5. I DUNNO ID SAY A BASIC FAN WOULD WORK WOULDNT IT? Or a air conditioner if theres one around thats always helpfull!!
    well bakk to smoking...

  6. Hey you must be stoned lol....i said above that i have an oscilating fan on them.....and yes it would be really handy having an air conditioning unit...well keep on puffin.....Peace out.....Sid
  7. :D We all started somewhere

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