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  1. Ok, I have a 7 week old plant from seed and it looks great. New shoots emerging evry day starting 9 point leaves about a week ago. about 1 1/2 feet tall and beautiful. My ? is 1) how much bigger is it going to get when I change the lite cycle
    2) is it true most plants are ready to harvest after 8 weeks of lite cycle change. or is there a certain way to tell when to harvest.
    3) Does dark time need absolute dakness- no lite what so ever or is that flexable
    4) when should I change the lite cycle
    Hope to here from some experience soon. Thanks
  2. I let mine go 8 weeks in veg...this is up to the grower and there situations though.

    If its 2 feet in veg......Id look for it to gain a foot in flower....but again diff situations are in play.

    Dark time is DARK TIME. A small light leak may not kill the plant....but it can slow it down and cause other problems, so the less of the lights getting in there the better.

    Harvesting is up to you......get a scope from RADio Shack!!!! (15.00)

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