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  1. Hey all, just wanted to post some pics of my girls. These are finishing up the 4th week of flowering. Using a 400W HPS, got the room at a constant 78dgegrees. Using ProBloom for nutes. Think these ladies will fill in nicely.

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  2. Nice looking grow........good job!
  3. Looks like a nice little harvest you're gonna have there. Gratz! :hello:
  4. Good work, keep it up. Those are going to be some massive colas in a couple of weeks. Know what the strain is?
  5. looking good man! :smoke:
  6. Thanks man.... Not sure about the strain. I pollinated an Ice plant one time, but I can't remember which seeds are what. So it's either that or just some decent bag seeds.
  7. nice looking grow there buddy, i recommend trimming some of those lower fan leaves to re dirrect some of the hormonal growth to the top cola budding area, but dont take away all of them unless your gonna lollipop them, just a small trim :D

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