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  1. HI, I am currently growing 2 indoor plants. They are 3 months old now and I would like to begin the flowering process. I have put them on 16 hours dark 8 light. I use 2 cool white floros, and a light blue Sylvania GroLux light.
    I am just curious as to if this is the proper procedure for flowering as they grew amazingly under just those lights (aprox 3 1/2').

    Also I would like to know as I begin my new batch of sprouts under the lights, as to how old would they have to be to begin prunning, and the proper way to do it (as to what to cut to make it bushy) instead of stemmy.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
  2. 12/12 not 8/16. thats to much dark.

    with just a coupple of fluros i doubt you'll get much bud but if you managed to get good 3, 1/2' plants with them then who knows what yo u can do.

    any chance of a pic of the plants, im interestd to see them.
  3. I am not just using floros, I also have the GROlight on them as well. Before I even bought the lights..they reached over 1' just in the window sill. I got the seeds from www.buydutchseeds.com and they are NorthernHaze. Beautiful plants.

    Why would I not get many buds?...dosent the dark periods on this process do most of the work.?

    As for pictures..will take some in the morning to post...to dark down there and dont wanna interupt the floering stage ;)
  4. its the type of lights youre using. they jus dont have enough lumen output and red spectrum for bud production. you will get buds, but you will have to keep the floros extremely close to the sites. you may end up with airy buds, but you still will have bud :) you may want to look into an hps system to flower with, floros to veg with.
  5. Hmm..I will buy some this weekend..should I put them back on veg stage untill I get new lights?...they have only been on flowering stage for 1 day..when I get them how far away should I put them from the plants? and do you have a close figure on the cost of these lights?...I m a broke guy you know..lol

    any answers on the bushy stage as well...????
  6. price depends on location, and the size of HPS........it also depends on the size of your growroom, and how many plants you are planning on growing in there, not just this grow but possibly ones in the future, if you can tell us the dimensions of your growroom then we can tell you what light would suit best..........as for distance, that goes with what power the light is, and is therefore dependent on the growspace as well...........Peace out.........Sid
  7. can someone please tell me why this site is selling nirvana seeds at anything from £18 to over £60 when you can get them from nirvana for a tenna?
    is it a rip off or am i missing something?
  8. looks like a ripoff to me too........Peace out.......Sid
  9. why cant i put pics up???...always takes me to "page not available"...i wanna show off my babies....just 2 75 watt floros and a 60 watt GRO light., bushy as hell, they stand almost 4 feet tall at 4 months old, and the aroma is beautiful.
    I use Miracle grow, 4 drops per 1/2 gallon 1/4 cup piss and a container of Vinegar and Baking soda sit next to them. I spray the leaves with Alka seltzer 2 times a week, then flush the leaves with distilled water to clean them. I have a old PC fan continuously blowing fresh air on them and a old radio that sits next to them as the vibration from the bass strengthens the stems i believe. Is this a freak accident??...started off with a experiment as I usually use HPS lights, wanted to see if this would work....and believe me, IT IS WORKING. So far they are doing better then when I use HPS lights. Not planning on budding them untill they reach 6' and I got my new babies planted 2 days ago and they alreay sprouting like ninety. It amazes me that it IS NOT HARD OR COMPLICATED to grow good smoke, just a little care!
    Okay..not gonna post no more when I am 1/2 baked!!!!


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