Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by san_reef, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. I am planing to start growing outside mid/late april and i was wondering with the days gettin longer will that hurt the flowering process....and waiting till august to harvest is that too long
  2. occording to what I've read regarding planting in april I here its that perfect time for planting and you should expect crop (flowers) by Aug.

    I hope someone who has actual growing experiance will advice you on this thread-becuase I could be wrong.

    Good luck. (ps: also check out some threads about growing--there are links e.t.c. about growing outside and when the best time to grow it.

    Also--where do you live?

  3. i live in a toronto suburb
  4. depending where u at, and strain...

    sativa will take 3 too 4 weeks more then indica to matsure...

    u will want to plant topp44, early girl..etc... all these strains finish early...latezz...

    Ps.. in cali, plant will be do around oct...
  5. ya for example I live in WA state (seattle area) right now its been quite surprizingly warm (warm enough to at least grow some pot...lol)

    but ya if I'm going to grow--I would plant now...and hope for some budding in Aug or starting of fall.

  6. thank you man u have been a big help

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