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  1. Yo, i started my grow on August 26th so its nearly 8 weeks and my plants are just over 2ft i'm gonna flower them when we put the clocks back when it starts to get darker is this ok ??because i have no more room in my house is it ok for them 2 flower when they are 3ft high????

    Also does the bud grow under the leaves or on the branches of the leaves or stalk i don't know?

  2. uh...just so you know, they are going to grow double the height from start to finish of flowering..so if you start them now, they will end at about 4 feet..if you start them at 3 feet, they'll end at 6 feet...so if ur runnin out of room, i suggest you flower asap, adn tie you plant down to try to save some room. and you'll know where the buds come from when its time ;P
  3. in most grows, how long does it take to see the first buds? When i started flowering, i saw preflowers in 4 days. The strain is Crystal. dont know if that helps or not...

    Just curious!

  4. it varies quite a bit, i have a strain i am trying to stablize that shows preflower after 5 weeks like it or not. but most take 6-14 days after 12/12
  5. can you start 12/12 when your plant is only a foot tall because i have my plant growin in a speaker 1 ft wide and about three feet tall but i can only alow the plant to get 2 1/2 feet tall through the whole cycle veg and flowering t do bud plants grow the best outside when u live in arizona and its the middle of oct. thx
  6. LOL O dear it looks like its gonna be a 6 footer it gets bigger every day i'll have to chop the top off the plant, how much bud do you get from a 6 footer LOL this is my 1st grow, Dope.
  7. TheHempMan-Ive read that most people like to start flowering at 1 foot. Your plant WILL double in size throughout flowering!! I experienced it firsthand!! Its quite amazing too! Its almost as if they do it after just two days of 12/12! But...i personally, since you have a very limited space, would kick it into 12/12 and get them suckas flowering!!

    pooponastick-so wait...you were saying ill see buds possibly in 6-14 days? or were you talkin preflowers? cuz ive already got the preflowers! And at first i thought i had two fems and a hermie, but i was wrong....they are all fems!! I dont know why i thought one was a hermie...guess i was stoned.


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