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  1. Ok ok i am so confused about flowering....I am currently growing a plant outside[i live in southern cali] pretty warm everyday..but what i am really asking is ..wut is flowering.is it sumthing u force ur plant to do or sutmin..?

    Please answer
  2. Outside it will flower on it's own.
    You only have to force them if you are growing indoors. BTW don't be confused by the 12/12 light thing, that only applies to indoors. Outside there is only 2 days of the year that are 12/12. Outdoor plants start budding when the nights begin to get longer, which is after the the longest day of the year, in the northern hemisphere this day ,called the summer solstice , is on june21. That doesn't mean buds automatically appear after june 21, it takes a while. Having your plants outside in cali. you should begin to see buds forming towards the end of july or early to mid august.
  3. nope .....live 5 hours away form L.A lol.....but im goin soon to visit my friends and im goin to see hte X games
  4. Hey I'm not far from south central LA... are you there 420 Shade?
  5. About flowering.... I think the best way to tell is when you see those little white hairs.. pistils... then you know the flowering has begun (if it's a female, that is). When did you plant your plant(s)? I planted some in April and they're nearly done now (in So cal). Good luck!
  6. Kwaidan, your outdoor socal is almost completed flowering? Mine just started showing signs of sex about 4 weeks ago. Last weekend I was able to get rid of the rest of the males. In my experiences the entire flowering process lasts from now, july, through late september even early october. The way I decide flowering is complete is when 50% of the hairs on the nug have turned from green to red. Basically, half dry hairs, half wet hairs. If that makes sense. You should also know a little just by looking at the nugs. Thanks.

  7. viperware... you're right. my plants aren't almost done (wishful thinking). some of them have been showing their sex for about 6 weeks, tho. the strain in cali orange, don't know if that makes a difference.
  8. kwaidan, sounds good man, I just wanted to make sure if you knew something I didn't know, heh heh. Yeah it's lookin good this year, I got a few different strains in the works. Come October, hopefully, we'll have some pics. Word.

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