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  1. At how tall should i begin the flowering process??>>.....
    My plants r 23in and 20in tall.

  2. hope you've got a high roof :)

    what are they?

  3. whenu flower em depends on waht strain... how strong the stalk/stems are, and how much nug u want... if it is a sativa strain... u want to flower at a shorter height, as the nugs are dense and weigh more.. if its indica it will probably grow taller and stronger.... id say give it max 2' 6", and flower it for a long time... but then again i could be wrong...

    peace out and keep tokin
  4. I would put them into flowering when they reach 12 in tall, this is a god way to grow your plants and the fastest

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  5. well the problem is i dunno what strain it is, i started them from bag seed, some good Dro that me and a buddy of mine picked up so??>>..........

  6. Just look at the plant and see how strong the main stem is ...use common sense ....I am going to flower my plants now and its about 12 inches with a lot of undergrowth from having the lights low at one point. So ....as DuTaz said ....it cannot harm the plant ...but the outcome may be different ...but there's always the choice of another grow later. Good luck and keep up informed.

    The Dude ABides !
  7. Make sure you got that sucker staked up, also when the tops of the arms\branches get there buds I string them up so that they get more light and dont fall to the floor.
  8. i hope you've nearly got a 6' growroom, if not you'll be training them.........they usually double and sometimes triple in size.......lol.......if i were you, and the stalk and branches strong enough, i'd trigger now.........Peace out.....Sid
  9. what should I do I have 6 plants...two plants are two weeks older than the other ones and they are right at 12 inches tall and the younger plants are at 4 or 5 inche.

    Do you think waiting till the other ones reach 12 inches will be to long for the larger plants?
  10. just wait for other ones to catch up, and top the big ones if needed, but you can flower the smaller ones at like 12" and the other ones at like 18-20", as long as you have the height to accomodate them.......Peace out.....Sid
  11. I had a problem simular to this , my plants where getting to high so I got this stuff from the Hydro store that stopped the growth of the plant, and the stuff worked great and still bloomed the same as it would have just not so tall

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