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  1. How do I know when to start flowering. I heard that you shouldn't run a HPS 24/7, can anyone confirm this??
  2. Anything in excess is not all that good ....but if u have good air circulation and no fire hazards ...u should not have any problem in running a light 24/7. But remember this decreases the lifespan of the light as it gets used. I think the time or the decision to flower a plant depends on your space availability, how bad you need weed, the quantity and quality of weed that u want. Once a plants has reached around 12 inches, I think its safe to send the plant into flowering by changing the light cycle to 12/12. Now even though its easy to change the light cycle, you have to consider all those factors I mentioned before you do this...cause from here onwards ...u on the last leg of you great adventure into the world og Mr. Bud...Hope this helps....There are many experts out here who are much experienced than me who can give u some good advice...

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  3. that about sums it up... people that dont dont run their lights for 24/7 during veg are just trying to save money which isnt much. You should turn your light off for about 15 minutes once aweek to help give your light a rest but your plants are not affected by 24 hour cycle while vegging. in other words a 24 hour light cycle doesnt stress your plants they do not need to rest like we do.
  4. Thanks guys. I think 'm gonna start to flower at about 10". I only have about 2.5 ft. to grow. How do I keep them from getting taller, someone said something about pinching something to keep is short and bushy. Anyone know anything about this...?

    Thanks everyone for all your help. You guys really kick ass. If I could I'd send all of you some of the finnished product.

  5. You can top them or train them so that they will get bushier and not too much taller....Also the position of the light matters too. When I started my grow, I kept the light about 10 inches from the tops of the plants and this helped create more undergrowth. Even though I did this accidently ...it helped the lower branches grow. Now I have it around 16 - 18 inches from the tops. The lights being low helped the plant strengthen the main stem too ...and some air circulation also helps the stem growth cause it makes the plant sway from side to side...Hope this helps.

    The Dude Abides !

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