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  1. Can anybody tell me what these plants are doing it’s my first time lol plz don’t judge lmao it’ll be ok but I need some help from anyone

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  2. Nice healthy looking plants. Barely in flower if they are in flower. Why do you ask? Did they jump a few inches? They do that at the onset of flower.
  3. Yea they jumped up some inches
  4. Yea they jumped up some inches
  5. And how y’all do they have to be they are two feet tall
  6. Right on. They don't have to be any particular size. They flower when the amount of daylight hours gets to around this time of year. Nothing to worry about. Looks like you're starting to flower.
  7. Alright man you don’t know how much you helped me I couldn’t get any help from anybody do you have a YouTube channel
  8. Another ? Is it 8 weeks of flowering do you think I will have a pretty good amount Around harvest time
  9. You are welcome. No I don't have a YouTube channel (about growing anyway). I should make one.

    The flowering time depends on the strain. Eight weeks is a good estimate, but it may be longer or shorter. I don't know what you'll have around harvest time, but I hope you come back and show us!
  10. I I will for sure come back and show man it’s my first time I’m happy with what I done so far but yea you need to make one I been tryna make one but it ain’t been going so well
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  11. More pics

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  12. yes those. are good looking plants.

    im in the same stage, mine are ready to pop any time. typically theres a good 10 - 11 plus weeks of ideal weather windows . 8 should be great, even 9 if need be.
  13. They look happy to me.
  14. Did you see the pics I just posted up
  15. T
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  16. August 1st the days have shortened enough to trigger flower. Harvest will be mid to late Oct or just before the first frost if you get one.
    You should consider starting to spray them every week with BT to keep the caterpillars from ravishing your plant.
    Moths love cannabis and will be laying eggs in it every night.
    I spray mine once a week every week from the first of August till harvest. Local garden center will have it. Organic rated it's only effective against moth larva.

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  17. Sure thang man thanks I’m getting all helpful stuff from this page I like it
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  18. So how much water do I need to do a day
  19. So they’re females they want have seeds will they
  20. Congrats looks good.

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