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  1. Hey guys I was trying to veg these girls till the end of August but I'm worrying I will run out of room if I wait that long do to the stretching during flowering was wondering what people's thoughts were should I start flowering now I should I be okay to wait longer

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  2. I can't see the whole room but those girls look ready to go if u haven't got much space. I'm kinda nuts idc how long I find a way to make it work lol check out one of many I had going and the end of the grow. 6 ft beautiful ladies. IMAG0392.jpg 1521499722972.jpg

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  3. I'm just worried about height it's not a big tent and in the pic that's whole tent I'm just afraid if I wait to much longer they will stretch to much in flowering and won't have enough room to keep moving my lights up
  4. Well hold on u better flip now and tie em down or super crop at the middle of the two week stretch. Those aren't little and they have a lot of vines that's gonna shoot out

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  5. Yes u are going to have width issues and hard to get airflow

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  6. I'm not worried about about width it hasn't been an issue for me so far and airflow hasn't been either there is a high velocity fan in the back that you can't see in the picture and open vents all around the bottom so there is always fresh air coming in I am going to switch them over to flowering tonight though
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