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  1. When do u all start counting the flowering stage this is my first grow and it coming along really nice only thing also is the 2 plants on the left only have 3 finger leaves and were very bushy. I trimmed them down a little my plants r 3 months old right now
    Before 20170714_145328.jpg after 20170715_105415.jpg flowers Snapchat-1925865435.jpg
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  2. if it's auto ...it's automatic ...if it's photo ...the first day of 12 on 12 off is day one...if you vegged inside then placed outside to flower the first day outside is day one normally because of the cutback in lightning although it depends on you Geo location on some cases.


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  3. I count from the first sign of pistils after you start 12/12, since your plant can sex while still in veg
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  4. I don't count transition time. Usually the first 7-10 days are needed just to transition over from veg cycle to actually putting flowers on the plant. We count from the time I see good overall bud production on the plant....ever how many weeks I'm needing to run a particular strain. But you tell by the amber coloring in the trichomes and you'll need a jeweler's loupe or some other form of strong magnification since you can't see trichs with the naked eye. TWW
  5. First sign of sex was around may 24 so more less its been in flowering for about 6 weeks then.. I started them outside since germinating and well strain i wouldnt know it was some really good reggie but got some bruce banner seeds just wanted to get the experience
    This one 2017-07-17-00-06-03.jpg
  6. Close up of flower i got with cousins iphone received_1516552791743215-1.jpg
  7. I don't keep track. :-( too lazy but here in HI the longest day is like 13.5 hrs and the equinox is like June 23rd and my grows usually start flowering a couple weeks after that....
  8. Most strains (Indicas and indica/sativa hybrids) bloom around 14 - 14.5 hours of light or less. Pure sativas from equatorial regions bloom closer to 12 hours of light. Most people don't realize this.
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  9. If you're growing outdoor and not doing light dep your flower time isn't determined by days in flower. It's a seasonal thing. Like when melons are in season. Depending on where you are in the world, your flowers will be ripe between end of August to end of October. On average depending on strain. Dates given only apply to northern hemisphere. Complete opposite in southern hemisphere.

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