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  1. Its been exactly a week seince i have but my plant into the flowering stage. It does not look that much diffrent then it was at first. Am i doing somthing wrong?

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  2. Nah, plants take time. They'll stretch for the first two weeks and they start to fill in on the nodes with flowers.

    What kinda lights are ya using?
  3. Im using 2700K CFL

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    Yea and like mayor said, they take time to realise what you did to them, sure you switched lighting, but you can't consider them 1 week into flowering until you have had flowers for 1 week. Generally the 3rd week after switching you should see not just pre flowers, but them actually taking shape as flowers, and at this point you should consider yourself 1 week into flower, and gauge roughly " breeder says 8 week flowering " i have actual flowers for 1 week now, i have roughly 8 weeks to go.

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