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  1. Hi guys i put my plants into flower 3 days ago checked tonight and 3 out of 6 plants have shown their sex white hairs on every node i was just wondering how long now until i see bud formation my plants are in a 1.5m by2.0m tent 600watt hps light aswell ph is6.4 temp between 69 and 78 and humidity is 60%
  2. im on week 2 flowering 100% indica and i barely have visible buds forming. less than the size of your pinky nail.

    patience is key.

    if you grow it........nugs will come

    field of dreams reference anyone? ^
  3. I'm only using 2 x 43w 2700k CFLs on one plant
    4 x 23w , 2 x 2700k and 2 x 6500k on my second plant
    Took about 3 weeks but by that time the buds were already more formed
    But it usually takes about 12-16 days

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