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  1. My plant is flowering under 2700k cfls
    And also 4300 lumens of 6500k cfl is mounted further above but majority of lumens are 2700k I think some where around 5000 lumens with the 2700k cfls surrounding the plant, my setup has been changing as the plant grows, I am a beginner and this plant is growing really well for me an since I started flowering some o the small leaves on the bottom atems are dying as well as a few big ones on the top should I feed the plant every day with the same water as when vegitaing it very moist in the pot I have never transplanted her or added nutes or anything just lights and water plz help with advice and watering during flowering

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    at risk of sounding like a Dick... but your going to have to use some punctuation, I have no idea what your trying to say
  3. I would suggest giving the plant some food. A good balanced fert with a npk of 10/10/10 or anything with a high nitrogen content should help alot with the yellow leaves/foliage. Feed them every 7-10 days. I Lift the pot and if it's lite i water until i see some runoff. You'll get a lot more help if u provide more info (ie: age of plant, medium, Watts/number of lights,ect.) so my advice is pretty general. I'm on my 2nd cfl grow this thread helped me a lot Uncle Ben's Gardening Tweeks and Pointers There's a link to my journal below. Good luck on your grow.....Burn One
  4. Plants require different amounts of macro- and micro-nutrients depending on what stage in life they are in i.e. vegging vs flowering. Read up on what you need for flower and get some different food for the gals.
  5. Wakeskater1220 is very much correct. You don't need to water the plants everyday. I wait till the soil is dry from 1 in from the top. Which is about 7-9 days for me.

    Make sure the water your feeding them is a balanced pH (6.3-6.5) since straight tap water can be 7.0+. I test the the pH and the ppm of water in and the run-off to prevent nute burn before it happens.

    How much vertical space do you have left?

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