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  1. Is it good to keep tying her down to make her branch out during flowering to fill out the grow room or should i leave her alone??
  2. though a pic mite help....??

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  3. here is another pic

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  4. i would just leave to grow on her own
  5. That looks mega- healthy. Sweet !!
  6. leave it grow, it's not soo big that it would benefit much.

    Excellent job mang, plant looks great!
    Have you already started the 12/12 lighting? If not, I would let it grow more, but that's just my .02
  7. Very healthy looking plants! What Lighting are you using....your space seems well ventilated.

    Good luck on that plant! The pot size you got there will grow you some massive roots and canopy.

  8. How old is she??...i take it it's female?...have you allready started flowering?
  9. ummmm yah had to ventilate heaps cause my 400 watt HPS made the temp to hot, she is about 2.5 months old cause the first month and a half she was under fluros. I put her into flowering a week ago...hope i get some nice bud

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