Flowering: yellowing and dark spots of leaves

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  1. Hi Folks,
    Im new to growing and just growing as a hobby and in a very small and individual scale.
    • Indoors with CFL and LEDs, total 180W for one plant
    • Soil grow. (Miracle grow, Azomite, Worm casting), 2 gallon smart pot,
    • Neutrition: Dyna Gro Foliage Pro (veg), Dyna gro Bloom (flowering), AN Bud candy (flowering), Raw honey (flowering), epsom salt
    • Flush between cycles with "General Hydroponics FloraKleen QT - Mineral Salt Clearing Solution" with 3 Gallon ph water.
    • Nirvana Northern Lights (Feminized)
    Im in the 3rd week of flowering, I noticed some old foliage turning yellow with brown spots I did a through flush ( 6 gallons of 6.3Ph water) even though there was no Ph variation from runoff. I even foliar fed (Dyna gro Bloom) the girls, some foliage just died off Im nervous please help. Please have a look at the pictures for more detail

    Thank you

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  2. looks like calcium def probably from low ph...soil ph is 6.5-6.8...doesn't affect flower too much unless it gets real bad

  3. Thank you I will up the Ph when I water next time
  4. Thank you I will up the Ph when I water next time I water

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